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Friday, July 30, 2010

Monday to Tuesday to Friday...


Just watch THIS CLIP and THIS ONE and enjoy the movie ;~)

(If u found me dead on my bed tomorrow night, you'll know who killed me... RUN!!!)


Click HERE for what I did on Tuesday with Hilmi and Chris :~)

Well, Chris didn't really focus on what we did though. So, to summarize it up, we went to the Sydney Aquarium, Sydney Tower and went for Pancakes on The Rocks. Hee. Can't wait for Jiha to be here. Wait, Jiha, before you get all excited bout this, I didn't mention bout going with you though. Cz I know, if we go out together, we'll only end up fighting and hurt each other. T_T
Enough of that.


Made friends with a nice Singaporean girl named Shameen. She's still new here, about a week maybe. Was in the shuttle when I said hi to her. The conversation ended up by me asking her out to Westfield since she mentioned that she loves Nandos a lot. She was friggin' excited bout there's a halal Nandos outlet and what's better is that it's only a few minutes away from UWS Village Parramatta. Here's a picture I took of her :)

Oh! Earlier today, I did something Ilyana Zafirah don't usually do. It's something outta the ordinary for me. Totally EXTRAORDINARY! I bought BOOKS! I mean, real books! How's that?! :D Heee. Proud of myself to even think of buying one. Wait, not one. Not two. But SEVEN! Clap clap! =D =D =D Need to call home tonight to tell dad this good news. He'll be crying his head off. Haha. Here are the books I bought :)


Hoho. Click on the images for better view :) Owh, these books were on sale and I just grab some and the last one, it has recipes in it, though I don't know if I've time to make any. And it's not a diet book as in to look slim or anything but the food looks nice and healthy. So, I think it means a diet for a healthy life in this case. 

Till then, see ya!


sya mansor said...

you read books? YOU? :p

chris federick said...

wtf WTF wtf WTTTTFFFFF !! Wtf wtf watafak wtomfgf wtfomgbbq wtFFFfff !!! wtf wtf wTf WtF wtfw twtftw

WTF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's d cutest thing ive ever seen!! xD Stop putting me in ur blog la. Lagi kurang reader. I put u in my blog, more reader haha.

The Tearaway said...

1."Can't wait for Jiha to be here."
(weee.... suke2)

2. "I didn't mention bout going with you though." (sedey...sedey..jiha maj0k)

3. "if we go out together, we'll only end up fighting and hurt each other."
(x taw,, cube tnyer jiha,, bt0l ke x.... T_T )

mIsS nIsYa said...

nak pnjam buku yg i bce hr 2..yg women n men 2..sgt mnarik..

The Tearaway said...

l00ks jiha is here in sydney... ngahahaha.....adei,, x sangka...

Ilyana Z Fauzy said...

Hahhaaha. I DO..! Do YOU?!

Shut up la chris. People keep saying we make a cute couple. Awww ;~)


huuu. sorry x prasan.


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