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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I used to cry back then whenever I watched this video. Tears started to gather...

It came to a moment when everything stopped. When I didn't cry anymore when I watch it. I just smiled.

But since mum left us... I'm back to that old state of me. Yes, I still fail to control this emotion sometime. I'm easily touched, become very sympathetic and in certain ways, more pessimist. (Hoping that my friends understand this fragile heart of mine and why I'm getting more uncool by day (Mcm la cool sgt kn.ehehe:))


I may be hard on the outside. But inside, who knows. Here's the vid. Some may have watched it but you can always watch it again...


I'm so glad that in her few last days of living... Although none of us knew she'll leave, I kissed her goodnight every night and tell her how beautiful she is. Which I rarely did. But yes I did. I slept with mum whenever I'm back home. I gave her five kisses. One on the forehead, on both cheeks, on her chin, and at the tip of her nose. The kisses were not awkward but I did feel weird repeating those same words every night. "Ma, ma cantik lah ma. Patutlah ma dapat anak cam na kan? Cantik jugak!" or "Ma, na cantik sebab ma kn. Na bulat sebab abah. Comel." She smiled, kissed me and told me to sleep. I'm glad I was with her. I miss her so much. Badly. Very much. 


Tuesday, June 29, 2010


If no one wakes me up, I wake 4pm daily. Today woke up at 4.49pm and I missed:
  1. An invitation to Nick's house. Nick is my driver. Okay. OUR driver. My friends and I who live in Parramatta have this shuttle driver which is more like a friend and a dad. Thanx Nick! But I missed the invitation coz I overslept.
  2. An invitation to Nisya's house. A friend that invite me and a few others to eat at her house because she's bored being alone. Darn. Should've waken up earlier.
When I can pray (solat) later, this won't happen anymore :(

: Just so you know, Maghrib is at 4.56pm here. So, everytime I wake up, I can only see the day for less than an hour if I continue waking up like this...
Edit: 8.28PM
Just read my Wall Posts on Facebook again. Darn. Malu. Sya Mansor sent this to me:

"Aza, Nisya ajak pergi rumah dia. me & Masu plan nak pergi 4pm today dengan Nick :)"

 Don't blame me. I was half awake when reading this message. I thought, the messages reads "Aza, Nick ajak pergi rumah dia. me & Masu plan nak pergi 4pm today dengan Nick :)"

 So, cancel the first thing I missed :P It's actually only no 2.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Good news for men.

Staring at women's breasts for 10 minutes is able to lengthen the lifespan of men up to five to six years. Not a joke but that's the findings of a group of researchers after five years of research on 200 "genuine" men in Europe. The study led by a woman researcher Dr. Karen Weatherby in the New England Journal of Medicine states that the stare for 10 minutes per day is equivalent to 30 minutes of exercise at the gym.

I just found this. U believe it? Well, don't. Okay. Honestly, i don't know if it's true or not.  Maybe it is. Maybe it's not. But, whatever it is, don't take an advantage of what it says here. If you wanna stare at a woman's breasts, make sure its your wife's and not someone else's. Okay guys? Hurm, I wonder if this works if I stare at men's. ;P Ladies, cover up!

I love...

Let's start counting.











Oops, repeated my favourite number thrice. Pity number 9 coz there's no mention of him (or her) there.

Well, so, what's so special about this number, you ask? There are several reasons actually.


I love circles. As simple as that. But I love the shape of a heart and stars better. But, in numbers, none look like a heart or stars. So, the award goes to the third favourite shape, a circle.


I think, number 8 is beautiful. If it's a guy, he's very handsome. I love guys that are supportive and always lend a helping and be a gentleman whenever necessary. Like number 8. The smaller circle is always on top and the larger one is always at the bottom. Very helpful. Very strong. Very loyal. Always there when needed. That's what best friends are for. Em, would u be my best friend?


Two. A couple. Never lonely. Love. Happiness. When you're with your mum. When you're with your friend. When you're with your lover. When you're with your dad. When you're with anyone. You get what I mean? You're not alone. Coz there's always someone there with you. Like number 8, there are always two circles. Never one. Never more. Of course, the more, the merrier but too many cooks spoil the broth. Agree? Agreed. Thank you. :-)


A circle is one complete thing. It always comes back to its starting point. No turning back. No going around the bushes. No sharp edges. Unlike triangles, stars, hearts, pentagons. U name it... Well, an oval does too but it goes differently. That's in my next point.


In an eight, you'll have to go through a crossing line in the middle and you can't see what's on the other side unless you cross it. So, the one at the bottom can't see what's on the top and vice versa. It's like feelings. The bottom is what others can see and the top, what's hidden. Unless you enter the other part, you won't know what's there.

To apply this concept in a circle, you won't know what's ahead of you unless you continue the journey. Imagine there's a fence in the inner circle. So, you can't see what's across you. But in an oval, at least, you'll see more of what's ahead of you because there are two points where the lines are quite straight which makes it easier to see what lays in front of you. You got me? Haha. I really don't know how to say it in an easier way. Sorry folks.

There you go. That's the whole reason of why I love number 8 so much. Apart from it's LAMPARD'S number of course. ;)

His jersey that I've to iron everyday.
(Okay, itu tipu. Jersi tidak perlu diseterika)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The girl in black with no face. Just a smile.

I was bored. So, I took these pictures of me. It was hard taking it as I couldn't see the camera. So, in some pictures, the nose was laid high up and some went down. In another, I'm on the right and when I snapped, I'm on the left. Snap snap!

Among my first attempts. No mouth. No nose.

Oh no! Didn't realize the flash was on.

The nose is too far down, the heater interferes, perfect but not just yet.

The themes, you decide:
  1. Love vs war?
  2. Make love, no war?
  3. Look right, it's war. Look left, it's peace. Which do you choose?
  4. Stuck in the middle?

The head is tilted to the left, which seems biased.

The peace sign is nearer.
The nose is more to the right.
The specs look normal but in this world we're living in, everything is abnormal, nothing is normal anymore.

The war sign is nearer.

The door and the heater come in sight.

The heater is there.
Where's the nose?



A new blog

I have a new blog. The URL tells everything...

Sorry. I have to keep this one private. If you wanna view, just hit my Facebook okay? :)

By the way, my current blog is still active. In fact, this blog is my primary blog. Just that, u know, there are some things I prefer to keep in the closet and show to few...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Black Pearl.

Oyeah~ The first thing that came to mind when reading the topic sure is The Black Pearl. The first POTC right? No. No. This is something else.

I've this membership card too.

I used to crave drinks that costs me AUD5.30. Everytime I fancy an ice blended with pearl, I go to EasyWay. It's a store that serves various kinda drinks range from tea, shakes, ice blended and more.

 Zawa's regular sized grape shake.

But the thing I often order (Not often, all the time actually) is large  ice blended chocolate with pearl. Okay. What's this thing bout the pearl you ask? I found out that it's actually made of tapioca (I think) because I went to Miracle (an asian market) and it sells something that looks like the pearl I love in the drinks I buy.

It's much worth AUD2.35, getting lots of pearls and doing it myself rather than asking someone to make it for me and pay AUD5.30 for very little amount. I decided to make an ice blended lime with pearl.

The process of cooking.

 This is what I've got after filtering.

There you go!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Another meeting, another acquaintance :)

Woke up and went to the uni for the Cultural and Diversity meeting. Planned on hanging out with Nisya at MacCen but then, Noni and Syue were with her and had other plan: Chatswood. Since I had nothing to do and don't feel like going back, I tagged along. They were searching for part time job during the holiday. I was interested too but didn't bring any documents along (resume). So, here are the pictures we took during our day out.

Started my day out alone. On the way to uni.
Joined Syue and Noni. Nisya was beside me.
Ice cream time! Wait, that's Noni's. T_T
 Here's mine! =D
Taking our own sweet time to finish the ice creams.
Okay. Saw this at one of the banks in Chatswood. What's funny is, this bank has no cash (the last symbol). This notice lets the robbers out there know that this bank is not worth breaking in. LOL~

Oh, the real reason why we're in Chatswood. Noni, Syue, Nisya were searching for jobs.

Guess what these are...
If you've guessed them right, you're a genius. These are SOAPS!
Beautiful. Lovely. Sweet. Wonderful.
Oohh~ They look sooo edible!
 At the end of the day, we were hungry. Went to May Malaysia's store for food.

They finished the earliest because they are piranhas. Just kidding. They shared their dinner.

When they're out of sight, (oh, they went back first because we live in completely different direction. They,'re back to MUV. Me, back to UWS.) So, I searched my way to the bus station. I started swearing when I couldn't see my 545 bus on all 4 lists. Well, to be honest, I only checked two. However, on the second list I checked, I found out that my bus won't stop there. I had to find Railway St in order to get the 545 bus. So, I took a look around and after being sure the way (I wasn't sure at all!), I headed for Railway St. I ended up being at Archer St. I switched on my mobile internet (Lucky me that I subscribed to the net), and googled for Railway St. Stupid me for not asking anyone around. Finally, after more than half an hour walking (or was it 15 minutes?), I decided to go back to the place where the bus lists were because the map is there. Halfway through, I blamed myself for not being able to see the map provided near Archer St. I took a picture of it. Sorry, the pic quality's bad. It's dark.
Yippee! Found my way through! By the way, Archer St. isn't on this map. So, you know now that I've gone quite far. It turned out that I should have gone straight once I got separated from them but I turned right and left and right and forward and so on... =P 

The story doesn't stop there. I was on the escalator when I put my hand on the rail and a guy in front of me accidentally put his hand on top of mine. I pulled back and he said, "Hey, you HARASSED me!" People started to stare at me and with my sweet, innocent face, I went, "No, no! I didn't mean it. My hand was there and you're ..." I didn't have the chance to finish my line because his friend said, "What?! She harassed you? Dude, you should call the police..." And this guy pulled out his phone and started dialing. I could feel my eyes bulged for a moment and as we reached the top, they smiled at me and told me they were joking. God, that was such a relief. Seriously! But his friend's smile was cute though ;-)

Okay, back to my journey to Parramatta. I sat there, waiting for the bus, took things for granted, didn't take a look at the schedule. There were a few people waiting too. I didn't wait there as needed to sit. I usually prefer standing but not tonight. I sat quite far from the bus station (10m away). Not that far but I caould't see the bus stop.

Here's the board that blocked my view. I love the words though. "Dog on diet" =P The people were waiting on the other side of the board. But in front of me, there's a bus on standby.

I waited at this stop. Beside the bus. So, I was sitting facing the bus.

Still on camera. 10 minutes passed by and I took a look on the other side. They're gone! Everyone's gone! It took a moment for me to realize that the bus that was in front of me was actually the going to Parramatta. Except that, when I saw the sign previously, it read "Chatswood". Can u see that on the bus above? Yes, that was the bus. Damn. I missed a bus.

I took this chance to keep on taking photos. My camera's my best friend. Such a lonely night. But a lovely one. Spent with the best, loyal friend ever.
I next took this photo. But wait! I see something... No, not that moving car. That one. Yes, that one. The restaurant.

This is the name of the restaurant. No, it's a hotel. A hotel in Chatswood. How I long to go to UK one day and watch Chelsea play at Stamford Bridge. One day. Someday...

Okay. While I was sitting there, many people kept passing me and I smiled to each of them because everytime I give them one, they smiled back.  I'm good with faces. Especially those who just passed me. But, there was this one particular guy grabbed my attention more because I noticed that he has passed me twice. The third time he walked by, I smiled, again, and he replied. By the fourth time, I started to think, "What's up with this guy, keep coming back and forth like that and each time he's in front of me, from walking, he seemed like dragging his feet, taking longer time for each step and looked at me like he's seen me before." That was when he said hi and said that he was wondering whether he has seen me before and asked if I'm Georgie ... I said no and that was when the conversation started. I told him I was waiting for the bus to Parramatta and he took his iPhone out and searched for the next trip to Parramatta. He was a gentleman and the conversation was lovely although I still felt awkward. He introduced himself as M*** and I felt helpless when we checked for the schedule, there was no bus left for the night. He offered a ride near to home but I hesitated. Thank God that was when the 545 bus came. THANK GOD. I really didn't feel like burdening anyone with my presence. Seriously. He was very nice but I just didn't want to cause any trouble to anyone. Before getting on the bus, he gave me his business card and I thanked him through a text message. We exchanged a few messages and I hope to see him whenever I go to Chatswood. So, there you are. A day in Chatswood, another friendship is established. Thank you M. :)

And again, I'm all alone. Literally. It was just me and the bus driver. I was the only passenger.

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