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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


If no one wakes me up, I wake 4pm daily. Today woke up at 4.49pm and I missed:
  1. An invitation to Nick's house. Nick is my driver. Okay. OUR driver. My friends and I who live in Parramatta have this shuttle driver which is more like a friend and a dad. Thanx Nick! But I missed the invitation coz I overslept.
  2. An invitation to Nisya's house. A friend that invite me and a few others to eat at her house because she's bored being alone. Darn. Should've waken up earlier.
When I can pray (solat) later, this won't happen anymore :(

: Just so you know, Maghrib is at 4.56pm here. So, everytime I wake up, I can only see the day for less than an hour if I continue waking up like this...
Edit: 8.28PM
Just read my Wall Posts on Facebook again. Darn. Malu. Sya Mansor sent this to me:

"Aza, Nisya ajak pergi rumah dia. me & Masu plan nak pergi 4pm today dengan Nick :)"

 Don't blame me. I was half awake when reading this message. I thought, the messages reads "Aza, Nick ajak pergi rumah dia. me & Masu plan nak pergi 4pm today dengan Nick :)"

 So, cancel the first thing I missed :P It's actually only no 2.


Cikgu AL said...

nick ajak g umah???=DD hakhak..comel je u ni aza~

Ilyana Z Fauzy said...

Haha. Mana lah kita tau. Tapi dia pernah ajak dulu.

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