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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Happy... Should I?

Folks, I'll turn my blog into some kinda diary.  Maybe only then I'll update this regularly. Hope u can bare with me. :)

Starting to doze off.
I woke up. Tried to continue my sleep. But i can't.

Still lying there on my mind, watching as the four walls crumble on me. Staring empty headed into the white ceiling. Thinking of what to think.
Finally, a foot out of bed. And the other. Oops, I kicked something as I took my first step. Oh, Dolmio's Carbonara sauce, lying on the carpet, with the Homebrand Small Smiral. Pasta, yes, a good meal.

After eating,  I went into the room and looked at my newly bought boots and I started wearing them, matching them with all sortsa clothes I have. Camwhored. Deleted each pictures after I'm through with it. I hate the sight of me, standing there, realizing that I can no longer fit in some of my pants. That's bad. That's real bad. That was the starting point of my day. The moment I started to think of something negative. Urgh. No. No. It's not that I hate myself or my looks or whatsoever that has to do with my appearance. But, no way I'm gonna waste my money to buy new pants n clothes. So, I came to my senses  that I need to stop eating excessively. Noooo.... I love eating. How can I ever stop something I love? Okay. Focus... Focus... Wait, does that mean I have to stop eating chocolates? :(

I've eaten a lot...

What bout these? Do I have to throw them away? :(

Nah... Don't think so. Hm. Whattaheck. Forget it.

Started to watch a movie. "Make It Happen." Oh, I feel worse. Feel hopeless. I wish there's someone around here ho could accompany me. But then, I still don't have the mood. So, it won't make any difference though. The thought of going out alone came again. Tried to reach for my phone, saying hi to Faiz Nur Shafiq but I fell off the bed. Damn it. Lagi rasa hampeh.

7.18PM (Current time)
I'm still uploading videos on YouTube. The one where my friends and I presented for our DANC200 project. Thinking of checking it out? Later will let you know the link. At the moment, I'm done uploading one only. Haha. Most of it are on my Facebook. If only I knew that uploading on YouTube takes less than a minute, I would've done that rather than uploading it on Facebook which takes me NEVER less than 5 or 6 hours for a 326MB video. Darn!

That's it for now. Oyeah. Again, I forgot to tell u my experience wandering around the city of Sydney alone the first time. Later peeps! :)

Around 30 minutes later: WAIT! I  thought it's 7.18. It's actually 918PM! Woah. Haven't changed my lappy time yet. Still two hours late, following Malaysia's time. Plan for tonight, kemas room, call abah, zZz... -9.53PM


tiger lane boy said...

yes u should to be happy.
good for u lah :)

and lain kali kalau nak ckp u miss me. just ckp je laaa...

nak ckp i jahat pulak. haaha :D

The Exquisite Instigator said...

no. u made me fell off bed. how can u say I miss u? heh. anyway, thanx for making up my day :)

sya mansor said...

buang coklat2 tu? give them to me! heeee

The Exquisite Instigator said...

haha. that's my daily food now. i live on that. mne ley bg u. haha

tiger lane boy said...

like everyday u mkn coklat!

eat something fresh lah.
nasi, lauk2.

pg bersiar-siar lah! weee :)

The Exquisite Instigator said...

can u please cook for? only then I'll eat the types of food u mentioned.

bsiar2? tomorrow! :D

tiger lane boy said...

oh okay.

i'll cook yah.

tom? woah...!!! mcm best je. follow?

The Exquisite Instigator said...

I'll be pleased if u cud join us :)

tiger lane boy said...

kalau lah...

The Exquisite Instigator said...

... :)

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