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Saturday, May 29, 2010

I know...

I know! I know!

My layouts just went berserk. Will repair this after I've completed my assignment okay. Sorry everyone.

In the mean time, you can search through for these :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Why oh why... Dunia makin gila.

Why oh why...

I was signing in my Yahoo! Mail when I found out this shocking news. A 2 YEAR OLD toddler is addicted to smoking. Guess what. He smokes 40 cigarettes on daily basis.What the...?! Come on.

He's just a baby and does not know much about the world's cruelty. In an interview, his father states, "I'm not worried about his health, he looks healthy." Ouch. Manusia... Manusia... For the time being, YES, HE LOOKS HEALTHY. But, what bout later? What bout his future? Fikir panjang la beb. What u see on the outside may not portray what's on the inside. What's hidden. How couldu give a cigarette to your 18 month old child?! Yes, he first handed a cigarette to that boy when he was 18mo. Gila kan...

Read more on this HERE. There's a video too. He looks very calm, inhaling those poisons and nicotine and all. I wonder how the parents are capable of seeing their son in that state. *Sigh~

This reminds me of Simple Plan's song, Crazy:
Is everybody going crazy?
Is anybody gonna save me?
Can anybody tell me what's going on
Tell me what's going on
If you open your eyes
You'll see that something,
something is wrong.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Unlucky me.

I've been quite unlucky for the past few weeks.

At the moment, I've to submit a 2000-word essay another couple of hours and I've only 158 words. Just started it. Aiyo.

My finger hurts very much. It's like there's a cut there but I see none. Oh this dry weather.

Man, I've gotta continue my essay. Will post bout the unlucky incidents later, IF I have time.

Owh, just to let u know, my essay's bout Hip Hop dance. Dang~!

Peace out~

Sunday, May 9, 2010

An onion...

Wanted to post something else. But that can wait. Coz I'm getting sleepy and that post is gonna be long. So, here's a short post, for my dearest mama.

This heart is specially made for u mum. Love u lots n lots n lots...

And u're asking... Why an onion? Coz... everytime I chop it into small pieces, I'm being reminded of mum. I can still remember those moments when she was in the kitchen, cutting up the onions and putting onions in most of her cooking, just because I love it. And the way she chopped it, her hands were fast. Really. I admire seeing them working. If I were to do it at that speed, I'd surely have my fingerS cut of. Haha.

(: mama and the onion :)

Happy Mother's Day

Sunday, May 2, 2010


I was sad. I got frustrated and annoyed and get filled with hatred and anger everytime the thought of God took my mum away flashed through my mind.

After pondering for quite some time...

Mama and Ilya

Now, I realized that, He lent mum to us. Allah borrowed mum to us for us to feel her love and care. She showered me with love for the past 20 years. Isn't that enough? At least, God didn't take her on my birthday. He took mama 22 days after my 20th birthday. He took mama after she received the news that I passed my referral exam. At least, Allah bagi aku nikmati semua (kasih sayang) tu utk 20 tahun. That's much better than people that didn't get the chance to feel their mums' love. No offense to anyone. That's just what I feel. Thinking more on the bright side, at least, God didn't take dad away too. He left abah (dad) with us longer than mama. Maybe coz He knows that we can't go on in life without abah at the moment but we can live without mama now. Maybe now it's time for mama to rest. I thank God for this. Mum, if only u know what I feel. I love u. I miss u. U will always and forever be in each of our (the family) hearts.

Me with mum, dad n bb

I hate it thinking, mama used to ask me to help her in the kitchen, but I rarely took the time to help her. I was too busy with FB, playing games, etc. Now, I take hours to prepare a dish. Padan muka saya (Suits me well). Malas lagi. Kan dah kena (That's what I get for being such a lazy ass) :( I often being reminded of her everytime I cook. Yesterday, I cooked red sago. And my hands grew tired of stirring the sago. In the stirring process, my childhood memories attacked me. I used to cried out loud, being such a baby, being spoilt, I ordered mum to cook for me. To cook me this red sago. She just smiled... I never knew it was that hard. Now I know... Marah2, suruh cepat sikit, tapi mama senyum je, suruh sabar. Xsangka susah nak kacau tu. Haih...

Dearest mum

Teringat juga, three days before ma xde, ma berkeras nak g tgk FiZi main rugby. Ma kate, ma ske rugby (I know this but sebab FiZi yg main, segan la.). Tapi I told her to balik. I said "Balik la dulu. Nanti na nak balik, na bagitau la mama." Tapi since mum dah on the way, I could do nothing but marah2 on the phone. Honestly, sangat segan mama nak datang tgk rugby. Cz alumni SMSS sdg main kat Politeknik Section 20 Shah Alam. Ma came anyway with abah n Elli. They sat jauh gila from the field coz takut I malu. (DAMN I CRYING NOW) They watched from far although match dah habis. Hm... In the end, mabah n eli jumpe FiZi and they were cool bout it. :/ Masa tu pun dah feel bad.
Translation for the above paragraph: I remember when, three days before mama left, she insisted on watching FiZi plays rugby. She said, she just loves watching rugby and that's why she wanna watch the game. (But since it was FiZi, I was quite embarrassed when my parents wanna watch it too.) But I replied, "You go back first. When I wanna go home, I'll let you know." But since mum was already on the way, I could do nothing but yelled over the phone. They came anyway and sat a distance away from the field coz they fear that I'll get shy and embarrassed with their appearance at the field. They watched from far although the game was over. In the end, my parents were really cool about seeing FiZi and at that time, I've felt bad.

True, I often cry during the lonely nights. I still am. But mum, I'm proud to have a mother like u. I really do. We really do. Abah always tells us that he misses u. Even when u're still here. It's cute... I also remember when, sometimes, when abah drove to work, to Perak or anywhere far from home and brought me along, abah blurted out, "Abah miss ur mum." and abah dialled mum's number. But, didn't he realize, he just left house no longer than a few minutes..? :")

Ma and I. Form 5.

Masa mama ada, abah selalu cakap ttg kebaikan mama depan semua orang lain. Telling people how wonderful she is, how pretty she is after all these years, how he loves her cooking very much. Ada time, abah jealous when mama buka cerita lama-lama. Masa mama muda-muda dulu. Sangat comel bila abah jealous. Abah merajuk. Comel :) Hm, ada orang, masa malam tahlil, datang and bagitau abah yang abah mungkin x kenal dia, tapi, this guy selalu nampak abah and mama together, hand in hand, strolling near the lake, bergurau senda macam orang baru bercinta. There were times too, dad tarikkan kerusi utk mama. Certain org, segan nak wat camtu dpn org ramai. But dad x kesah. Cz he loves her.
Translation: When mum was still with us, dad used to tell everyone about mum's good side. How wonderful she is, how pretty she is after all these years, how he loves her cooking very much. There was a time, abah became jealous when mum started talking bout her past. Dad was very cute when he got jealous. The rest of the paragraph is about his sweetness towards mum and how they were a very loving couple, even in the eyes of strangers.

There was a time when, abah was sending me to the Commuter station, ma waved goodbye from the porch. When the car starts moving, abah said to me... "Na, I know I don't have the rights to interfere in ur relationship. As a father, I should give u advice on this. I know u may not like it." Things started to rush into my head. Assumptions were made. What the hell have I done. That was when abah gave me his wise words, "Your mum n I have been talking bout this. Mama has been observing u. Ur mum penah tegor dah ttg nie and I think u should consider this. (Your mum has reminded u on this). We often overheard ur conversation with kweq. We get very happy when things work out between the both of u. But often, u selalu marah kweq (FiZi). (But often, you get angry with him easily). Abah macam x senang hati bila dengar macam tu. (I feel uneasy hearing that). Ur mum, x penah sekali pun tinggi suara dgn abah. Yes, mama tu slalu jugak disagree dgn abah. Tapi mama tegur abah dgn lembut. (Your mum, never once she raised her voice when she's with me. Yes, she often disagree with me but she tells me that in a respectful way.) She doesn't yell at me. N that makes me love her even more."

.owh and, 1 May 2010, happy 28th anniversary mabah.

Now, when mum's gone, Elli often hear abah singing to himself, "I wish I could hold her hands..." You've never stopped telling us how much u miss her. Abah, we hope, you're strong. You can endure this hard moments. We need u. We really need u to be with us as long as u can. Please stay with us. Bare with us. We love u...

Mum, I hope u know that u're deeply missed by us. Moreover, by abah. U've dedicated more than half of ur life, to us, to abah. I know that no matter how sad I can be, abah abah feels your loss a lot worse than us. Sudah tiba masanya untuk ku merelakan pemergian mama, dengan seikhlas hati... (It's time for me to let you go, with a sincere heart)...


One more, very sad the moment I went to KLIA. Only with Abah and Elli and Zani. Never thought mum won't be there. Very jealous seeing other people hugging their mums. Maaa... :"(

(Pardon me for the present tenses. Maybe I'm not that used using past tenses to describe mum.)

However, despite all these, I get upset seeing those commercials bout Mother's Day on TV :(
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