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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I haven't started my assignment but will be doing so in bout uh... 10 minutes. It's a comparison between the curriculum in Australia and Malaysia. Have to submit it in less than 5 hours. Will I be able to make it? God knows... My last assignment was delayed 2 days due to my laziness  (and the assignment needed to be submitted on Raya Eve). Any cure for that (laziness)? :~( I hate procrastinating but I can't stop myself from doing so. Wuuu~! As a result, I've a potential of losing a grade (like in my previous semester. Maybe from High Distinction to Distinction. From Distinction to Credit. From Credit to Pass. And from getting a passing mark to a failure. Haihz... Was supposed to get a Distinction and 2 Credits and a Pass for my subjects my received all of 'em a grade lower (except the pass, it stayed there) because I sent in the assignments late. Damn! Lecturer dengki ngan saya! Haihs. (Lecturers, maaf zahir n batin...)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

1st time working! Uh, no. Not yet.

25 August 2010

Woohoo! I went for a job interview. Was SUPER anxious coz I've never worked before and just the thought of being in an interview room was enough to make me have butterflies in my stomach.

Kinda looking good ey?
(Was in the lift, on the way up to the office. That explains the shakiness)

In the interview room: He just asked bout my working experience and barely looked me in the eyes when I was answering and... he was constantly biting his nails and looking at them over and over again as if he missed some dirt in between em. Urgh! If only I had the right to tell him, "Get outta this office!"

So, that's my 1st day going to the office and guess what... I was accepted. Maybe coz I was suggested by Nisya 

26 August 2010

I went for the job training. Myra, Farhad and I were supposed to be there at 9.30am but we were late 2 minutes. We're panicking at what reasons excuse to give to the manager. As we stepped inside the building, there were two other people waiting for the training to start. Sighs of relief were heaved when we realized we're not that late.

10.10am... FINALLY... The training started after the manager decided to wait for another person to come. We were like, 'What the hell...' Just because of a person, we wasted forty five minutes and that extra time could actually be used to spend more on my morning sleep! Darn u.

Before the manager started the training session, he reminded us to switch our phones to silent mode and guess what... Throughout the training, a total of nearly an hour was wasted on him constantly went in and outta the room, receiving calls, going for breaks... That really gets on my nerve. I started showing him signs of sleepiness and he often told me to wake up and I just replied with more nods and yawns. He wanted us to respect him but he didn't do the same. Wanting to be respected, you've to earn it, man! He even let the guy that came late, went outta the room several times to answer calls when he initially told us to switch our phones to silent mode or better, just switch it off.

The meeting was supposed to start at 9.30 and end at 2pm with a break of 45 minutes in between. I suggested to the manager to just finish off everything and only then we'll have our lunch (which we actually didn't have coz we're fasting) but the manager agreed and what do u think happened? It started 45 minutes late and ended an hour... (As u expected...) late! (EXCLUDING THE LUNCH BREAK he initially intended to place in between the lecture). Thank God the mosque's just nearby and we had to rush there fearing it was nearing Asar.

(And for the work itself...? I went for work a week later... Which will be continued in my next post.)

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