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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

She wakes up...

The moment she wakes up, she opens her lids and praised God for the wonderful life He has blown into her. "Alhamdulillah" is her first word of the day. She sits up straight and feels like someone or something is watching her from somewhere and she turns her head to the left. The mirror. The tall, not-so-clear mirror which is now reflecting her image. She sees herself staring deep into it, mesmerized by the reflection that's right in front of her. looking straight into her own eyes. She looks into it and blurts, "My mother was beautiful. So am I..." And she cries.

There you go.
An unedited picture of her waking up.
(Except for the URL obviously)

She misses her mum. Dearly.

 -  I miss dad too. I have called dad several times, several days but he didn't answer. I guess, I just called at the wrong time. Will keep trying tonight.
 - I'm pressured by the assignment I haven't yet finished. Possibly will finish them by this evening, or tomorrow.
 - Will fly off to Gold Coast tomorrow and I haven't packed my things.
 - I'm moving out from this house tomorrow.
 - What a busy day!

.:ilyanafauzy signing off at 0751:.

Friday, April 1, 2011


I really really really really REALLY feel like vlogging but I really really really really REALLY don't have the confidence to do so. How aaa? How aaa?? But nahhh. my concept isn't like AnwarHadi or other vloggers that are creative in creating videos tu. I did ask him though bout how to make videos. But his vids are hard to produce and I'm the pemalas type lah. Aiyooo. I'm planning to put the contents like the ones in my blogs, just that, it comes in the form of a video cz sometimes people prefer watching videos than reading blogs. Hmmm. How's that aa? I pun dunno. We'll see how lah.

The main reason I wanna start vlogging is to improve my confidence in talking to people. Well, technically, no. But yeah, the message is sent across the world through the video. Wuuuu.

I need support... Or should I just forget it...?
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