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Friday, April 1, 2011


I really really really really REALLY feel like vlogging but I really really really really REALLY don't have the confidence to do so. How aaa? How aaa?? But nahhh. my concept isn't like AnwarHadi or other vloggers that are creative in creating videos tu. I did ask him though bout how to make videos. But his vids are hard to produce and I'm the pemalas type lah. Aiyooo. I'm planning to put the contents like the ones in my blogs, just that, it comes in the form of a video cz sometimes people prefer watching videos than reading blogs. Hmmm. How's that aa? I pun dunno. We'll see how lah.

The main reason I wanna start vlogging is to improve my confidence in talking to people. Well, technically, no. But yeah, the message is sent across the world through the video. Wuuuu.

I need support... Or should I just forget it...?


Cikgu AL said...

just go for it aza! :D u hv that charm..;p

nurfarah nadiah said...

i support you, will support you even more if i appear often in your video.mehehe

anak pak man said...

support! double support! :D

Ilyana Fauzy said...

huuuu. Thanx people! And thanx to the ones that inboxed me on other social network sites that I've, supporting me. Likey! :~)))))))

Farah, we're roommates. Confirm u'll be there lah. But that'll only happen if this becomes a reality :~) hee

Aiman Azlan said...

Bak kata Nike: Just do it!

Ilyana Fauzy said...

Heee. Thank you!! :~)))

antara said...

takyah la... (pressure dia..pressure dia..) takyah la.. susah tuu.. (pressure lagi..) XD

WNRD said...

Jangan banyak cakap. Buat sekarang!

P.S. Practice by talking to a mirror. And then, when you're talking to a camera, imagine that it's just the mirror, that it's just you talking to your own reflection. Good luck!

Ilyana Fauzy said...

boo! Thanks for the challenge though. Haha.

Alohhh. Kena marah! -_-" tamao kawan. tapi kalau berjaya, saya kawan balik ngn K. Wani! Hee

Naz said...

GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!

AimanAriffin said...

u wudnt know unless u try. so what u waiting for? just give it a shot haha then ull see what happen next :)

rajinla sikit! hahaha

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