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Monday, February 28, 2011

Ten minutes of fame on Astro Awani.

Click here --> VIDEO <--Click here

I've posted this video once on my Facebook and I find it kinda funny. The way I talked, my body posture while sitting, every single facial expression I made, everything. Phewww. Just now, I re-watched it and I smiled and again, I cried. Haha. Kelakar kan hidup nieh... One second, you're laughing your head off and the next thing happen, you have tissues in your hand, wiping those tears off. Haihh~

Some of you readers might not be aware that my mum has passed away 29 December 2009. (Al-fatihah). The video posted above was exactly a week after that tragic incident. 4th of January 2010. I appeared on the program after being requested by my father, the one sitting next to me in the video. His eyes were still red and he was still upset about the whole thing. He persuaded me constantly to be on the show since he didn't want the camera to focus much on him, letting the public seeing the despair in his eyes. :~( I refused to go on TV because I wasn't ready at all and despite the fact that I was the President of the Public Speaking Club in Form 5, I experience stage fright almost all the time. My voice will crack and fade. Aiyaaa. 5 minutes before the program started, I agreed hesitantly. (That explains why I didn't tell you guys, [my friends] about my appearance on Astro). It was short noticed.

They directed me into the make up room and applied some powder and light lipstick and blow my hair. That mad me look better, I guess. Haha.

Initially, my hands were trembling and I had to hide those fear... I was amazed at how I managed to look quite calm on TV. (Yeah right... :~P)  After the broadcasting was over, my brother and sister congratulated me for doing a good job. Oh yes, they were there too, accompanying dad, keeping him happy. But they too, refused to be on TV and since I was younger than they are, I was an easy target. Ha-ha. There were several relatives that called after the program, informing that they saw me live on TV. (Waaa. So proud mehh).

The best part of it is... Dad's CENTRE OF MODERN LANGUAGES (CML) (I've to warn you tho... Upon the opening of the site, a loud music will be heard) received a couple of calls that morning, saying that they're interested in joining the classes. Weeeeeeeeeeee~!! I'm glad everything goes well for you. I'm proud to be your daughter. I love you dad. Thanx for making me the person I am today. Thanks Mama. Thanks Abah!

And owh, if I'm not mistaken, I've posted something on CML previously. Lemme check.. Uh... Yup! It's  still there. (Yay! My memory's not that bad after all. Hee. Please click here --> CML (I've to warn you tho... Upon the opening of the site, a loud music will be heard)

P/S: I may take some time for a new post after this since I've to finish my assignments. Till then, take care! :~)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Kau ingat kau cantik?!

"Wah! Cantiknya aku!" Hatiku berbunga riang pabila memandang cermin pada pagi itu... Aku terfikir... Apsal kan, masa baru bangun tidur jugak laaa aku rasa aku cantik. Tapi bila orang puji aku cantik, aku rasa macam diorang menipu, perli aku... Langkahku pantas menuju ke bilik, hentakan kakiku bertambah kuat. Aku tidak suka akan diri aku. Mataku kutumpukan ke cermin besar di dalam bilik itu,  ibarat harimau merenung mangsanya dan aku separa menjerit terhadap refleksi aku bagaikan cermin itu mempunyai telinga untuk mendengar, memiliki hati dan perasaan seperti hidupan lain, aku seakan-akan berzikir, "Kau buruk. Kau buruk. Kau buruk. Kau buruk. Kau buruk. Kau buruk. Kau buruk. Kau buruk. Kau buruk. Kau buruk. Kau buruk. Kau bu..." Sehinggalah kaki aku kebas disebabkan terlalu lama berdiri mengadap manusia yang semakin sukar kufahami di dalam objek legap di hadapanku. Terduduk termenung aku di situ, lalu aku beristighfar dan nafas ditarik sedalam-dalamnya. Sambil nafasku masih ditahan, bibirku mengucapkan, "Ya Allah, ampunkan dosa aku mengutuk ciptaan Kau. Ampunkan dosa aku mengutuk makhluk Kau. Ampunkan dosa aku di atas segala-galanya. Ampunkan aku..." Dan aku kembali bersyukur di atas anugerahnya dan tubuh yang serba lengkap ini. Terima kasih di atas kesempurnaan ini. Alhamdulillah.

Ohhhh~! Now I know why I love taking pictures of myself so much...! Simply because...

I'm beautiful.

I'm beautiful.

I'm beautiful.

I'm beautiful.

I'm beautiful.

It's 9.26am and I haven't slept yet. What's written above is what I used to feel a long time ago. A LONG TIME AGO... And this is my first time writing something like this. Pardon the language. Perhaps with more practice, I can improve? Who knows? :~) Good night peeps.

Monday, February 14, 2011

counting the days...

Thanx for making this temporary stay in Malaysia a wonderful one. Thank you... Will be updating this blog ASAP... When I'm back in Australia... Gosh, I'll miss everyone...

I'm sorry dear readers for not updating it sooner. Been quite some time since my last post ey? Whatever it is, I'm gonna make full use of the next ten days I'm here... Yes, ONLY TEN days left :'~((( Flying to Aussie on the 24th... Haih. Hoping that this year will be a lot better than before....

With love, from the National Museum, Malaysia.

Oh oh! and... And I have a Twitter account oredy! Weee~! :~) Clap clap! Clap clap! (Jumping excitedly up and down, up and down like a retard.)

Ilyana Fauzy's Twitter
P/S: My twitter suddenly buat hal. Ada orang-orang yang saya pernah follow, tiba-tiba menghilang dari "Following" column tu. Maaf ye :~(

Btw, this blog is a mess at the moment. Will repair it within this month. (or next month). Sorry. Will be kinda busy since Macuqarie University reopens on the 20th.
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