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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I went to my first EDUC 267 lecture and I'm proud of it. For all three subjects, I've went to one lecture each. Super cool! I hope I won't miss any lectures after this. I guess, I've missed a total of 23 lecture hours since August 2nd (This is just rough math). Since today is Malaysia's 53rd Independence Day... I've come up with this thing called "No more skipping lectures" thing. Let's see how long will I last. Yippee~!!


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Proud to be me.

It's a pleasant feeling you get when you see yourself featured on other people's blog. Let them be just the name, promoting your blog or even just photos. I feel a great sense of happiness whenever I know I've made someone smile. And greater feelings is achieved when people tell me I'm an inspiration or similar sorta things :~) Here are some blogs that has me in them. Thank you people! (Owh, there are a few that I can't mention here. Sorry.)

I miss you:

You'll always be my friend:

There's an indescribable feeling I experienced when I read hers:

A lovely memory:

The 1st one is one of my fav pic:
halis1 and halis2

Haha. This one's only because I tagged him in a post, that creates the title:

And a senior paying condolence:

And TONS OF TIMES in his blog, most of them made me ROFL and some are efifing annoying:

Thank you, friends :~)
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