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Sunday, May 31, 2009

How I wish...

While turning from one blog to another, I went to anakpakman's blog. There, I clicked at the link below where he placed his song there. So, I went to the website as I'm planning to add some songs on my page and I stumbled upon this video. Gosh, I think I'm in love~ Owh, with the skill of the violinist of course, not him :) But I like him though ;)

I love this song very much at the moment. And he could play this song just by listening it. (Which reminds me of my eldest brother). How I wish I could be them... :(

Here's another video of him playing one of Jason Mraz's song. I've never liked this song before but when he listening to him playing it on violin, saya suka! ;)

And this song, I just love the video clip. The idea of taking ordinary people, the ones that take strolls with their loved ones in the park and not just those with the fame and luxury are being taken into account. I'd say this is unique and one of the sweetest video clip ever. And the song, 1234 by Plain White Ts; I like it, I love it~!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Keletihan menyelubungi...

That night (290509), arrived home at 2330. Went online till 0230. Masuk2 je bilik, abah kate "Na, dah bwk keluar x baju dr bag? Sok abah basuhkan, so that u can wake up late." YIPEE!! =D

The next day...
I woke up today at 3pm. Bangun2 je, mama suruh makan mangga. Tp ckp ngn ma, "Malasnye nak g dapo... Nnt je la eh...". Tp ma bwk the fruit dtg depan. Hehe. So, g mkn 3 ulas and ngadap laptop. Baru 1.5 jam menggunakan laptop, abah lak sruh lunch. Adoi, kne melangkah gak g dapo :( Tp sdap gle r ma ngn abah masuk. Masyuk~ Dah makan tu, berpeluh coz mkn byk sgt and proses penghadaman tu sgt meletihkan. (well, don't blame me. it's my 1st day at home. of coz la mkn byk). then, ma sruh cover makanan ngan tudung saji. ala... blk2, kne wt kje gak ke?? igt kan ley mkn je :( pastu, ma sruh kemas meje lak, and ma lak bso kan pinggan. hehe. thanx ma. tp, huih, gle r. bertalu2 kje menjemput. after that, lega dah. tp bru je dok depan laptop 30minit, abh sroh agkt bju naik atas setelah abah mengutipnya dr ampaian (n it was all my clothes), and tlh dibasuh oleh abah pg td =D dok lipat baju kt bilik 15minit, mls dah and now, here I am, tulis benda nie. Fuh, what an exhausting day...

Friday, May 29, 2009


"Sometimes, people just don't realize; when they open their mouth, they may cause a friendship to break..."

-Ilyana Zafirah Mohd Fauzy, 270509, 0450.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Love vs Sex

Love may seem very convincing.
Till one day, he comes and says, “I wanna have sex with you.”
But she answers, “No.”
He then plays his normal game, “U don’t love me right? You don’t trust me, is it?”
She cries and says, “No dear. I love you the most in this whole wide wo
rld and I’ll do anything for you. Please don’t do this.” And so, she agrees to it, just for him; in the name of the so-called love~

When everything is over, she realizes that he has changed a lot. She sees that he loves her not the same way he used to. She is hurt but cannot do much. So, she offers herself to him which then makes him treats her very well, but only for ONE SINGLE reason: “Can we do it again?”

She has no choice…

The scenario goes on for a few months when he finally says, “I don't think this is going to work out. (I’m seeing someone else/I'm not committed in this relationship/I feel that you deserve someone much better than I do/I feel guilty of doing this to you/blah blah blah). I’m sorry,” and he walks off.

She cries a lot for someone not worth her tears, until the lonely soul becomes weak. For her, her life is ruined and she is changing. She sleeps with every guy she gets into a relationship with, and the same thing happens each time. There is no guy that is willing to accept her as she since she is no longer a virgin. If they want her, it is only for making love and then, she constantly is being dumped by the guys. She is becoming cheaper day by day. Eventually, her pride becomes zero...

NEVER FALL FOR ANY SWEET WORDS! You’re not gonna know how your life is going to turn around if you’d ever make a mistake. Lose your virginity only to your beloved husband. Because he’s the only one that deserves your love, and not a boyfriend who tells you false promises to marry you.

~Edited by iZf. This is as a reminder for girls, including myself. I hope that everyone can remind their friends about this fact. If someone would really want to marry you, then, let him wait. If he can’t wait, find someone else,

Warning: It might happen to guys too. Sometimes, girls can be the one preying. So, guys, you better watch out ;)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

December babe ;-)

I just did a survey test on the month I was born on Facebook. Here's the result:

You're loyal and generous. You're also patriotic. You tend to be competitive in everything. You’re impatient, hasty, and ambitious. You're influential in organizations and fun to be with. You're easy to talk to, though hard to understand. You're easily influenced by kindness, polite and soft-spoken. You tend to have a lot of ideas. You're sensitive, active, and hesitating so you tend to delay. You're choosy and always want the best. You happen to be very temperamental. You are funny and humorous though. You love to joke. You have excellent debating skills. You always have someone on your mind. You're talkative, a daydreamer, and friendly. You really know how to make friends. You’re loveable and easily hurt. You love music.

Well, lemme comment on each statement based on my POV :)

You're loyal and generous.
.Loyal? Heh. Yuppie yup. But sometimes, not really ;) Well, I can say that I'm quite generous but not many could see that in me :)

You're also patriotic.
.You bet I m. But sometimes, when I'm not in the right mood, that's just not it especially during the morning assembly (yawn). But most of the time, I am.

You tend to be competitive in everything.
.I'm competitive but at certain level, I may give up :(

You’re impatient, hasty, and ambitious.
.Impatient? That's me. Hasty? Oh yes! Ambitious? Absolutely. Well,it's just that I'm not into working hard to get something that I want. Especially in my studies. Through my previous post, Examination, it's already obvious. Sigh~

You're influential in organizations and fun to be with.
.Yeah. I'm usually influential in organizations and that may be because of the way I talk and they say that Sagittarius have the ability to be persuasive... Really? ;)

You're easy to talk to, though hard to understand.
.That's the problem. People don't understand me :(

You're easily influenced by kindness, polite and soft-spoken.
.I hate it when people take advantage on me... :( I just can't refuse.

You tend to have a lot of ideas.
.Ideas of...? *Wink2. Hehe~

You're sensitive, active, and hesitating so you tend to delay.
.Sensitive? Oh, I am so not. I am HIGHLY SENSITIVE. I may laugh things off but inside, people can't really see how I feel. Things happen and when I try to shrug it off, usually it works but sometimes, I just don't seem good at holding everything inside. So, my close friends will be the ones who have to hear bout what I feel and all. Thanx my dear friends :) Active? I'm always on the go :) Oh, tell me bout my behaviour of procrastinating. I think, the whole cohort knows this. God, please oh PLEASE help me out~

You're choosy and always want the best.
.There comes the times when I tend to be choosy and always want the best which makes those around me feel embarrassed especially when I get angry at the mamak or the waiters or the shop keeper. But then, in love and friends, I'm not that type who wants the best to be around them. Friends, I can befriend anyone but once they betray our friendship, that's it. In relationships, I don't search for the looks nor wealth. I just want somebody who can be with me through thick or thin, understands me, and be faithful to me and just me. Haha. It's a lie if I say that I'm not into richness. I've to admit that I do sometimes wish I can buy anything in the world and hoping that he'd get those for me as presents. But what's the use of showering me with materials if you can't shower me with love and tenderness, care and sense of humanity (includes loyalty, trust etc.). So, in these two expects of life, I'm not into being a real choosy.

You happen to be very temperamental.
.VERY. The victims: My loved ones. I'm sorry everyone... :( I'm trying my best here to control this. Seriously... I'm prone to throwing tantrums. It feels so childish yet I feel satisfied doing so. Shouldn't have been like this. I need to change. I NEED TO!

You are funny and humorous though. You love to joke.
.I do! There's never been a day gone by without me laughing. Well, it can be just a giggle or sometimes, I can laugh my heart out. But it sucks when we laugh at others but at the same time, we're hurting their feelings without us knowing them. (Credits to a dear friend that made me realize this, AMIRAH KHAIRILANUAR... I'm sorry.)

You have excellent debating skills.
.I won't say that I've excellent debating skills but it's just that I tend to always having the desire to win in every situation, no matter whether I'm on the right side or I'm going in the wrong lane, it must always be me, me, me. I think that those around me are getting tired of this but no matter what I must be the one to win. Urgh, so immature~ =/ But when it involves people I dislike or look down upon, I prefer not to argue with them because it's the same with lowering my standard to their level. Haha. My close friends know who these people are. -PTB- (Girls, korang patut bangge ak letak initials nickname korang (yang ak cipta sendiri) kat sini. Susah woo nak masuk nama org yang aku benci and despise gile dlm blog ak weh. "Sama2 "(Ak menjawab "sama2" awal2 sbb ak tau korang akan berterimakasih kat ak)) Hohoho.

You always have someone on your mind.
.Always :) Not just someone. There are a few here to be named and they are... ;)

You're talkative, a daydreamer, and friendly.
.Being talkative is like synonym to me especially to those who've long been my friends. People who just knew me, I may not talk that much to them as I prefer to analyze what type of people they're. Well, it's not judging them, but more towards knowing what they're like and the topic they prefer to talk bout. A daydreamer? Undeniable. I'm friendly but people who dunno may tend to say that I'm the arrogant type. The selfish type. The kinda girl that prefers to talk to those who are rich and popular. Haha. Mengarut sungguh pemikiran korang. I love making friends as long as they're not perverts and stalkers :)

You really know how to make friends.
.I don't. People come to me and make friends with me. But sometimes, I walk up to a person and strike a conversation. So, I know how to make friends but I don't really know how to make it. Uh, you got what I mean? (Pening2)

You’re loveable and easily hurt.

You love music.


I'm done here ;)

My JS...

Jason Statham. Fuh... Jatuh ati. Dah lama ske tp xmo ngaku tapi nie la pengorbanan besarku buatmu... Mesti sok msok paper "After a long wait, Ilyana Zafirah admits that she likes Jason Statham TOO..." Haha. Since 1st cite Transporter dy dah suke. Sgt cool. Tp, lepas nie kena btau dy la jgn tayang badan sgt kat org. Jeles! Huhu. No more bout him. Saya suka dia. Pasnie, nak wat bout lg sorang. Yang I like extra EXTRA extra pny~ Nantikanlah... ;) Before that, anyone wanna try wild guesses? :D

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Teluk Assam

Nie cite lame dah... Tapi nak write gak bout this here :)
We had an outing with Mdm Rokiah, her son and her daughter in March. Ltey gak la cari spot yang best nie. 1stly decided nak tengok movie but that time, xde cite yang best. Moreover, yang gi gak mase tu were Iwa and Mira. Iwa x tengok movie. So, xkan la kitorang nak tengok movie and bia dy sorang2 lak. So, we were thinking of Teluk Batik. So, kami pun bertolak dalam kol 3pm camtu. I wasn't so sure why I slept all the way there and when the car stopped, I woke up and said... "Oo... Nie ke Teluk Batik. api, Why cam x sampa 15minutes pun rase..." It turned out that it took bout 1 hour and a half to reach there and on the way, they decided tro change the detination. Name tempat tu, Teluk Assam. Dekat2 ngan Batu Maung kot. Huhu. Menarik tapi xde pape. But it's okay. I love going to the beaches. A perfect spot to sit and release the stress :) So, over there we spent bout 2 hours. Here are some piccies my friend took over there.

With Madam Rokiah and her daughter

Madam Rokiah's family. Sy telah mengambil pic nie memule ngan niat nak amek budak2 tu naik sampan (sampan ke?). But then, alang2 nak amek tu, baik masuk terus pic family Madam :) Tp disebabkan Madam pandang cam, x jadi candid dah :(

Sakit woo nak panjat batu tu. Tajam sungguh~

I love this pic :) And I love this girl...

Sampai2 je kan, terserempak ikan nie terdampar. Kesian dy :( There were several ikan lagi yang mati kat c2 tp x tau pe name ikan tu. Ikan nie dipanggil Ikan Todak (kot. Hehe). I wonder what caused their death.
Nie pic last diambil before balik dari tempat nie. Pic bersama rumet tersayang :)

After that, we went to seagate utk dinner. Madam belanja. Makasey! :D

Pic before makan :) Masa tgh mkn x de amek pic. Semua leka ngn makanan coz kelaparan.


Friday, May 22, 2009


We took 3 papers for our examination.
180508 Linguistics
190508 Philosophy of Education
200508 Human Development

I started my revision approximately 6 hours before the paper and the installation process took bout 3 hours....

Gosh... I've studied them all! Didn't waste even a second of not writing anything. Yes! I'm gonna make it~!

Hey, wait a minute... Damn! the part where I had to mark the stresses~ I didn't erase off the ones that I did wrong. OMG~ 4 marks gone... Absolutely not an A+ Seriously sdey... :(

Later on
Someone heard from the department... "These students deserve to fail." (Spoken in an angry manner. If the person heard it correctly, there was the word "stupid" included...) The lecturer said it was the one who taught our class that subject. I'm doomed...

Played "Unwell Mel" from 1130am-0100am = 13.5hours. The alarm clock goes off at 0200. Woke up 5minutes and ngantok balik when start studying. Slept again till 0430. Woke up bout 10 minutes and in no time, I'm back to closing my eyes and dozed off till 0630. Bangun2, dah gelabah. Terus study till 0800.

Gile sng seyh soalan dy! But... didn't study within that area. Waa~ Sdey Sdey!! Kantoi...

Kekesalan menyelubungi. Berazam nak cover balik paper nie with my HD paper. A determination of "Balik nie, mesti study terus!"

Later on
The moment I stepped in my room, the laptop was switched on an the patient in my Unwell Mel kelihatan sangat menyedihkan. Oh, I couldn't bare seeing that. I must play. Okay. Okay. An hour only. My determination of studying meluntur... (Continued to the next section)

...Well, an hour became 12 hours... Tidak!! Dah pagi and starting from 0430, I studied till 0700. Haih. Didn't cover any of the theories. Owh, I did. Only Sony Ericsson's theory, at least, that's what I call it. The Erik Eriksson's theory. I covered that part, Multiple intelligence, Zone of Proximal Development and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder.

Yay! Masuk! Masuk! The things that I studied masuk :D But my time management was off :( Spent 1hours and 15minutes on one question and only 45minutes for the other question. Well, I lost 15 marks as I couldn't get what were the theories needed for the third quetion in the third section. It was asking bout the thoeries. Disebabkan otak kosong and I'd only bout two minutes left, I started mengarut there and my essay was only 4 lines long and ended with: "This disorder of which..." Hehe. At least, it looked like I knew what I wanted to write but I just didn't have enough time. Huhu. Owh, it also kinda showed that I'm an honest person. Like letak pen terus when dy sruh stop writing. Hehehe.

Finished my exam! :) When nak balik ek...

Later on
My exam sucked. Or was it just me...?

Monday, May 11, 2009

Zee Avi

This is my first post labelled artist. Well, this girl was born in 1986 (Oh, that reminds me of someone...). She's a rising star and will be touring the United States on the 17th of May. I'm proud of her as she's a Malaysian and what's more to that is she's a Malay girl from Borneo. Her album will be released in the States on the 19th. I just heard a few of her songs and well, it's wonderful for those who like the genres that she uses. Moreover, she's a babe that can play guitar very well. Apart from that, she's a well-educated girl I was moved to put her in my blog when I heard her on air on last Sunday, I mean, the Sunday before yesterday. She started to make songs when she was 13 I guess and when she turned 17, she started to go deeper into this field. She has a voice that sounds something like from the oldies yet manage to adapt with those of the modern ones.

Oh, I just realize that I haven't mentioned her name. She's ZeeAvi, formerly known as Kokaina (Maybe some of you starts to think, "Oh, Kokaina ke...") Huhu. Yeah, she is.

Wishing her the best in her career.
(As a singer, songwriter, and lawyer perhaps)

Sunday, May 10, 2009


.Why must she act like that when we're actually best friends?

.Why am I be so clumsy?

.Why does everything must happen today?

.Why must I refuse to join them when that's the best choice?

.Why must I be this hot tempered girl?

.Why am I not out there when that's all that can cool me down?

.Why am I too happy upon seeing him?

.Why must I be jealous when there's someone else out there for him?

.Why must I be so egoistic?

.Why must I be so self centered?

Why oh why...

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy again :)

Thanx to my friends (Syahira, Mr Invi, Mr CM, Zawakhair, Rizal, Kkure, Hilmi) (Susunan x ikut kepentingan) including FiZi for cheering me up. Thanx a lot for brightening my day... Korang terbaek! :D

Friday, May 8, 2009


...Surrounded by sadness...

...It fills me inside...

Smiling on the outside, it hurts beneath my skin.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


I'm exhausted. But someone named Mr. Invi told me that it's not that we're tired but it's the way we think of ourselves. If we think we're tired, then, we are. Try to think on the contrary, maybe it won't be that bad. So, I'm trying my best now...

(Updating the blog just to forget this tiredness...)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

MAA (Meen, Asfarina, Aza)

That day, didn't have the time to finish my blog bout my friends, the girl friends. So, this is counted as editing the previous one la.

Dia ini ialah Meen, awek kepada Ezy. Hoho. Honestly, I don't wanna write much bout her as I'll go on complimenting her. Seriously can't see the dark side of her except suka menghalauku dari biliknya. Haih~! Sgt2 hoping she won't read this. Done. Fullstop.

This girl, Asfarina. A nice girl that shares a lot of things with me. We love going out together as we have the tendency of releasing our pressure and stress through this activity :P Starts being close with her this semester and I can't recall how that could happen. Haha. What matters now is we love each others company and that's what's important. :)

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Gambar adalah hiasan semata tiada kaitan antara yang mati dan telah mati.

I've no time to waste as there's too much to say yet too little time. This post and the previous one is kinda related as they're the important people in my life. But here, I'l be focusing more on those in IPGM Kampus Pulau Pinang. So, shall I move on...? Owh, before that, Im not putting them here according to anything. I'm just putting them at random.

.colours of life.

"Family and true friends make life worth living"
-Ilyana Zafirah Mohd Fauzy

First, there's this girl called Kucing. Amirah Khairilanuar is my closest friend. She's a girl that loves music very much. We've gone through lotsa things since we became friends. Frankly speaking, almost everything you see in her reflects myself. Well, obviously not everything as in EVERYTHING but yeah, mostly... Here's a list of our differences though there are some other things.
  • Mira x mental. Hoho.
  • Mira pemalu, saya kurang.
  • Mira suka mandi, saya tidak.
  • Mira is revengeful but not me.
  • Mira doesn't like flowers as gifts but I do.
  • Mira tidak suka mandi malam, saya suka.
  • Mira minat orang muka jambu, saya tidak.
  • Mira takut darah even setitik pun, saya tidak.
  • Mira haiwan, saya sayur. Mira kucing, saya kobis.
  • Mira lemah lembut dalam perwatakannya, saya tidak.
  • Mira ske org chinese look dan berkulit cerah, saya tidak.
  • Mira rarely sahut cabaran but I do, as long as it is reasonable.
  • Mira cantik dan comel. Saya sangat cantik dan sangat comel. Hehehe.

Then, there's this frog or toad or frog or, whatever yg sespesies dengannye... Namely Zawakhair Jasmi. Gabungan Zawa and Mira create this image. Comel kn...? :D

Heh. Okay. Zawa here is a friend who's very highly sensitive especially in things involving friendship. Sometimes, it's hard to predict what her feelings really is. I hate it when she gets misunderstood for things we have no intention to do, like hurting her. I get at my wits end whenever she gets the wrong idea and doesn't want any explanations on what has happened. Haih. Despite this, saya tetap sayang dia :)
  • Zawa suka hijau, saya tidak.
  • Zawa has Interpals, I don't.
  • Zawa doesn't have Facebook, I do.
  • Zawa jarang main basketball, saya rajin.
  • Zawa hebat edit photoshop, saya masih jahil.
  • Zawa have the obsession towards the Koreans, I don't.
  • Zawa loves playing with people's hair, I love my hair being played with.
  • Zawa kurus tapi dia kata dia gemuk, saya gemuk dan saya tau saya gemuk.

Nurizwah Ahmad nama diberi. This girl has been my roommate since January 2008. She's a very tolerable person and patient. But in some particular issues, she's quite defensive. My doctor, she is. Dari bisul, luka, pening, lebam, sakit kepala, and many other injuries, she's been a really good friend, always being there when I need her regardless of the way I treated her (Sorry eh). She likes giving me advice and I like the part when she gets back from Usrah, then, she tells me the stories and knowledge she gains from it. People pity her being my roommate since I always bully her. Sometimes, kesian gak tau tapi, dia sangat best dibuli. Haha. Thanx Dr. Nurizwah. :)
  • Iwa is always being bullied by me but she doesn't bully me.
  • Iwa wants to join the usrah and she does, I want to but I don't.
  • Iwa is full of patience, I'm not.
  • Iwa lembut ati, saya tidak.
  • Iwa isn't punctual most of the time, I do, sometimes :P
  • Iwa takes care of her roommate, I don't. (Sorry)

Well, these three are my girlfriends yang sangat disayangi. Well, at first wanna put everyone that's dear to me but really, I don't have much time :( Wait till the next post. Have to pack my clothes and everything coz going back to the institute tomorrow which means no internet connection that's suitable for blogging :( Which also means that I'v to wait for another month to update my blog. Haih.

So, please look forward for my next post. Thank u :)
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