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Saturday, May 2, 2009


Gambar adalah hiasan semata tiada kaitan antara yang mati dan telah mati.

I've no time to waste as there's too much to say yet too little time. This post and the previous one is kinda related as they're the important people in my life. But here, I'l be focusing more on those in IPGM Kampus Pulau Pinang. So, shall I move on...? Owh, before that, Im not putting them here according to anything. I'm just putting them at random.

.colours of life.

"Family and true friends make life worth living"
-Ilyana Zafirah Mohd Fauzy

First, there's this girl called Kucing. Amirah Khairilanuar is my closest friend. She's a girl that loves music very much. We've gone through lotsa things since we became friends. Frankly speaking, almost everything you see in her reflects myself. Well, obviously not everything as in EVERYTHING but yeah, mostly... Here's a list of our differences though there are some other things.
  • Mira x mental. Hoho.
  • Mira pemalu, saya kurang.
  • Mira suka mandi, saya tidak.
  • Mira is revengeful but not me.
  • Mira doesn't like flowers as gifts but I do.
  • Mira tidak suka mandi malam, saya suka.
  • Mira minat orang muka jambu, saya tidak.
  • Mira takut darah even setitik pun, saya tidak.
  • Mira haiwan, saya sayur. Mira kucing, saya kobis.
  • Mira lemah lembut dalam perwatakannya, saya tidak.
  • Mira ske org chinese look dan berkulit cerah, saya tidak.
  • Mira rarely sahut cabaran but I do, as long as it is reasonable.
  • Mira cantik dan comel. Saya sangat cantik dan sangat comel. Hehehe.

Then, there's this frog or toad or frog or, whatever yg sespesies dengannye... Namely Zawakhair Jasmi. Gabungan Zawa and Mira create this image. Comel kn...? :D

Heh. Okay. Zawa here is a friend who's very highly sensitive especially in things involving friendship. Sometimes, it's hard to predict what her feelings really is. I hate it when she gets misunderstood for things we have no intention to do, like hurting her. I get at my wits end whenever she gets the wrong idea and doesn't want any explanations on what has happened. Haih. Despite this, saya tetap sayang dia :)
  • Zawa suka hijau, saya tidak.
  • Zawa has Interpals, I don't.
  • Zawa doesn't have Facebook, I do.
  • Zawa jarang main basketball, saya rajin.
  • Zawa hebat edit photoshop, saya masih jahil.
  • Zawa have the obsession towards the Koreans, I don't.
  • Zawa loves playing with people's hair, I love my hair being played with.
  • Zawa kurus tapi dia kata dia gemuk, saya gemuk dan saya tau saya gemuk.

Nurizwah Ahmad nama diberi. This girl has been my roommate since January 2008. She's a very tolerable person and patient. But in some particular issues, she's quite defensive. My doctor, she is. Dari bisul, luka, pening, lebam, sakit kepala, and many other injuries, she's been a really good friend, always being there when I need her regardless of the way I treated her (Sorry eh). She likes giving me advice and I like the part when she gets back from Usrah, then, she tells me the stories and knowledge she gains from it. People pity her being my roommate since I always bully her. Sometimes, kesian gak tau tapi, dia sangat best dibuli. Haha. Thanx Dr. Nurizwah. :)
  • Iwa is always being bullied by me but she doesn't bully me.
  • Iwa wants to join the usrah and she does, I want to but I don't.
  • Iwa is full of patience, I'm not.
  • Iwa lembut ati, saya tidak.
  • Iwa isn't punctual most of the time, I do, sometimes :P
  • Iwa takes care of her roommate, I don't. (Sorry)

Well, these three are my girlfriends yang sangat disayangi. Well, at first wanna put everyone that's dear to me but really, I don't have much time :( Wait till the next post. Have to pack my clothes and everything coz going back to the institute tomorrow which means no internet connection that's suitable for blogging :( Which also means that I'v to wait for another month to update my blog. Haih.

So, please look forward for my next post. Thank u :)


neohalis said...

Nice to c u epy wit ur frenz.Enjoy ur life :)

kacipcrew said...

uik.. asal rajin ni?

The Exquisite Instigator said...

Hoho. Thanx mr. neohalis :)

PD: Haha. Cz I'm at home, tenet laju gle nk upload piccies. When I blk Penang nnt, konfem x blogging. Haih~

da'biZaRRe said...

x nak buat utk aku plak ke?

arif_asan said...

The sophisticated diary of a sophisticated person hahaha...smpai penin kepala aku baca page ko ni..

LaBubiZkiTeR.Inc said...

i like the part "saya gemuk dan saya tau saya gemuk"..hehe..

chris@dotagaki said...

something smells fishy... oo it's aza rupenye. MEMANG x mandi...

The Exquisite Instigator said...

Hakim: Haha. Nope. Xmo :)

Dato' Chadang: Haha. Pe yg peningnye. xmmningkan langsung~ Hanya orang yg memeningkan diri sndiri akan pening :P Hohoho

Ujang: Chaish! Bab tu gak yg ko nampak kn.

Chris: Heheh. Chris, u watchout~

cikgu rizal said...

still muke serius..
jgn mara~~

The Exquisite Instigator said...

Haha. pe la yg serious nye...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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