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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Thank God

Back then, I had this tendency of thinking that my life is miserable. I often wish that I had a better life and I couldn't help but hate myself. I realized that I had this mind setting since I was in Form 1 (2002). Well, thanx to everyone who has helped me to get through this life. I just found out (Well, not really just, but since May 2008), I realize that I love my life so much and there's nothing else I could ever ask for. I have a great family, adorable friends, and the next-to-perfect kinda boyfriend. I wonder what else could have I asked for back then. I regret the years that I've spent looking down upon myself. It was such a waste thinking that I refused to spend my years with optimistic visions rather than being a pessimist. I thank God for letting me know these people~

:My family : Abah, Ma, Ayie, Zani, Ilya, Bb, Eli
:Him : FiZi
:True friends : Those I've known since I was still a little girl (Well, obviously, not ALL of them)

Initially, I wanted to put the pictures of them here but then, maybe in my next post. ;) It will be on these wonderful people that God has placed on Earth whom I love so much~


chris@dotagaki said...

thank u.... aku mmg adorable. *wink wink*

The Exquisite Instigator said...

Hehe. Yeah, including u. :D

kacipcrew said...

me? :D

kAyzAck said...

ada mntk gmbr2 tesl nite 2008 kan...
xtgk lg ke?? sy ada bg cd kt sorng dak tesl macquairy.. tp kurang pasti nama dia...
tp klu nk tgk, ada sket kt page nie..

The Exquisite Instigator said...

PD too. Btw, PD, that day, u said I pura2 caring towards u kn... Xde nye. I'm serious la... sy syg sume kwn sy... hohoho :)

Kz: Waalaikumussalam. Yup. Ade :) Okay. Going to ur page. Thanx!

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