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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

7 December 2009

That date is by now, long gone. But I won't forget everything that happened on that day and the previous week. Okay, this post is very lengthy and wordy. You can just skip everything but really, this post means a lot to me.

19 Nov
  • Came back from BTN. Here are a couple of pictures of us over there.
Thanx to Syawqi for the last picture :)

20 Nov
  • Someone stole my money.
  • Minutes later, got a deadly call from this one lecturer, told me I've to resit for my exam, and I was the only ONE.
  • To make matters worse, the exam will be on my birthday, Dec the 7th.
  • Myra was there. So, she was the only one who knew. That night, I told a friend, A bout this.
Myra and a friend, A :)
23 Nov
  • I finally got a grip of myself, looking on the positive side of everything.
  • Broke the news to FiZi, which caused us to be in an argument since my emotional wasn't that stable.
  • Mum heard the argument and asked me what it was all about. I told her, I failed the previous exam. She lost words.
  • I told Zawa. I thought she'll understand my situation since she was in the same state. And yeah, she did.
  • I told Meen but she didn't say much. She was really surprised and apologized.
  • I told X, and he gave supportive words and was puzzled when I know that the fact that he had once failed before.
  • Told another friend, C too.
24 Nov
  • Most people were still anxious to know who failed since they were scared they failed. Since everyone didn't expect I was the one who failed, many asked me bout the failure, whether I know the person, what subject the person failed. So, I felt really guilty for not telling them all this while.
  • Finally, I announced my failure in the Facebook cohort group and I felt relieved.
  • Most thought that I was joking and everyone supported me. Thanx. Seriously, I was touched by all the supports and convincing words.

25 Nov
  • Played basketball Ezy, Syawqi, Meen, her cousin, Yon and friend, and my FiZi was there too. Made new friends with Intan, Syawqi's bakal adik ipar :P, Josh and Waseem.
  • Had a great laugh on the way back in Intan's car. Thanx for sending me home. Had a great time with u guys.

With Meen and Laila.

FiZi was there too, oh, I was on the phone with Mr. A :)

On the go. Running away from the bad thoughts.

29 Nov
  • Went back to the institute.
  • Stayed in Nona Block since I didn't hand in my key and stayed in my old room.
  • The block was deserted because the KDCs (Kursus Dalam Cuti) went back home for their Hari Raya Korban.
all alone

30 Nov
  • The KDCs were back.
  • Had a class with Miss Joyce from 8-10am and Miss Lau's 12-2pm.
  • 2.30pm, Myra came and bought me Big Mac McValue Lunch (which I ate at 11 that night). Iwa, Swan, Zahida, Jijol also were there to hand in their forms to Madam Mariah.
  • They went back at 6 and again, I was all alone.

1 Dec (A day)
  • A friend, A (Mentioned him above) surprised me with his presence.
me (^_^)...(^_*) A
like it when u're there

2 Dec (C day)
  • That friend, A had to go back the next morning and another friend, C came along that afternoon.
me (,") ... (",) C
thanx for accompanying me

3 Dec
  • I borrowed his laptop to Mdm Soo Hoo's class from 3-5pm. That evening, C said goodbye and I was talking to myself.
alone again. but happy

4 Dec
  • Said hi to a KDC (in the toilet) and we introduced ourselves. She was just as curious as the other KDCs, seeing a cute young girl all alone going in and outta her room, only to mandi and amek wudhuk. Hahaha.
  • Since this KDC is from Taiping, I texted someone, D from there too and told him about it and my failure.
hello kkk KDC (,") (",) hi adek TESL
  • No!! My laptop suddenly went dead and I couldn't switch it on again. ALL Mdm Soo Hoo's notes are in it! I'm doomed. 3 days to my exam. On the bright side, I can't spend much time playing computer games anymore. Haha :)

6 Dec
  • Woke up feeling groggy. Dreamt that my teacher wanted to kill me because I slept and didn't study. It was a nightmare! Didn't dare to sleep again.
  • Met again the KDC and she told me to join her friends and her for lunch.
  • We went to Tesco and I reintroduced myself. Got along with them well and they said that I was about the same age as their children. Haha. So, they took great care of me.
  • That night, again, we went out for dinner.
  • My roommate, Iwa came that night and accompanied me and we studied together.
  • She slept early.
With my roommate :)

7 Dec (The exam day)
  • 12 am, got many birthday and good luck wishes from loved ones. Thank u for being thoughtful :) Btw, the wishes got in as early as 11.45 pm the previous day :P
  • 2.30 am, I tried my best to get my sleep but my heart thumped loudly and it felt like I could hear my own heartbeat. Seriously, I was so nervous that I couldn't get my sleep that night. I texted A and he insisted that I should get some sleep or else, I would be restless in the exam hall. I still didn't get my sleep and studied.
Studying with my eyes half open
  • 4.30 am, FiZi and A woke me up to do my studies and I told them I didn't sleep.
  • 6.06 am, Ilya called from Ireland, wishing me Happy Birthday. Thanx dear sis :) and wished me Good Luck for my exam although she doesn't know it was a referral exam.
  • 6.30 am, got wake up calls from mum and friends.
  • Before 8am, people wished me last minutes good luck :)
  • 8.30 am, I sat my referral exam with the 101 other KDCs. I was the only one sitting for a referral exam in Dewan Agung and sat on the 102nd seat.
  • 10.35 am, I walked out of the exam hall slowly since the KDCs only finished at 11am.
  • Switched on my phone and told people that it's over.
exam's over
  • Got a msg from this person, X who told me a week earlier that he'll come (well, he didn't promised though. He just said he might) erm, but I dunno why, he cancelled it last minute (later I asked and it was such an UNREASONABLE REASON he gave me). Was VERY disappointed. Enough of that. Hurm
  • Met several lecturers. They were very surprised indeed with the fact I failed the exam. Some thought I was sick that day. Some assumed my pen finished its ink. Haha.
  • Went out with Iwa to QB after Zohor and she left me at 3pm.
  • I bought 3 movie tickets, Love Happens, Christmas Carol and Ninja Assassin (which FiZi later told me that he wanted to watch it with me. Huhu. Sorry)
  • When the last movie ended, it was at 8pm and I explored QB and greeted strangers. I bought myself a birthday cake.
Happy Birthday to me..
Happy Birthday too me...
Happy Birthday to Ilyana Zafirah....
Happy Birthday to me...
O no! I'm 20!! No more in my teen years...!
But it's okay, I've lived those years well :)
  • 9.45 pm, bought McD and sat on the rocks in front of QB, facing the ocean. I felt at ease. I sang the birthday song and cried. That was the first time I celebrated my birthday alone. The sense of loneliness slowly, crept into me...
  • 10.30 pm, caught a bus to Sg Nibong to buy my bus ticket to Shah Alam the next day. I accidentally dropped off early and had to walk to Sg Nibong which was 200m away. It was dark and I was scared when I received a text from Madam Mariah asking how does a birthday girl spends her day. She soothed me by telling me that's a great birthday gift, enjoying my own company as not many can do that. Thanx Madam :)
  • I took a taxi ride to the institute and the told him to come and pick me up the next day at 9 since my bus was at 9.45 am.
8 Dec
  • At 8.50, I was anxious. I dialed the taxi number and the guy answered. His voice suggested that he just woke up and he had no idea what I was talking about. I was getting fidgety at this. Couldn't sit still. Felt like slamming the phone against the wall when this person asked me, "Jap, carik siape nie sebenarnye?" And I said, "Encik Zali". He told me I got the wrong number. I said sorry and hung up and thought to myself, "Damn, I'm being cheated. He gave me the wrong number. Who should I call now? I need a taxi ASAP." Then, I tried dialing up the number again.
  • Before he could say anything, I asked him, will he be able to reach my place before 9? And he asked me "Nie yang td ke?" I said, "Huh, td? x. yg semalam sy naik taxi tu." And he said, he was the same person I called previously. I said sorry and hung up, again.
  • Okay, I started panicking when the thought struck me, I should give it a final try and I slowly dialed the taxi's number. A different person picked up and he told me he'll be there 5minutes. So, I checked out the number and realized, I dialed 017 instead of 014. Haha. Funny me. I texted the wrong guy and apologized. He replied and I saved his name under "Wrong Taxi". He was shocked when he received the call since he's in Kota Bharu and had to come to Penang to pick me up. :P
(,")hello new friend(",)
  • I spent the next 10 minutes in the taxi, telling the driver about that incident and we laughed together.
  • 9.45 am, I was on my way to Shah Alam.
"There's never a failure. Just a series of delayed success."

*Thanx a lot everyone for the birthday wishes and never-ending supports till the very last minute :)
*Can't describe much or tell what I did with my two friends from the 1st till the 3rd since I don't think they want their identity to be publicized. (Thanx guys.)
*I'm now friend with the person who I gave a wake up call to be my taxi driver :P
*Lotsa things I learned from this experience. I learned how to sleep alone with the lights off, I met new people, I made new friends, I know that there are so many people that care bout me, how to survive when there's no one around and lots more. It's an experience I'll never forget.
*Thank u IPG Kampus Pulau Pinang for giving me such a birthday gift. Seriously, thank u :)

.i love my life.very much.


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