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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Love makes it worthwhile...

I've been going back and forth to my hometown every week for the past nearly three months without fail (Well, there's this one week that I couldn't make it back though as the assignments were piled up). These are the reasons:

You guys made the RM 70 spent for the return bus fare and 10 hours of taxing and boring journey bearable.
Thanx a lot :~)

- I hate this situation I'm in. Uh, this place. Um, well... Ya' know... Ah, forget it.
- This post was made three weeks ago... Have selected the pictures and organized it... But this time, I'm too lazy to do so.
- Last week, I didn't manage to go back since work has piled up... Dad was :~( because he came downstairs to see there's no one in the living room like how it used to be... I'm glad my lil bro came back on Saturday to keep him company :~)

.:ilyanafauzy signing off at 5.09am GMT +8:00:.
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