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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The other side of...

Well, I did this last year but was waiting for the next raya (09') to come since I only created this blog in October 2008 and started posting on November 10, 2008, when Raya had left us for quite a while. We usually see Raya as a happy event, where everyone gets together and various kinds of traditional food, wear unique and colourful of dresses, put up new curtains and furnish their houses and the list goes on... But here... Here, it's something different...

On The Night Of Raya...

As I saunter down the boulevard,
On the night of Raya Eve,
Memories reappear;
Good ones make me smile,
Dreadful ones shatter my heart,
And hunt me.
Ah, how life plays tricks on us.

From faraway I see homeless beggars,
Craving for food,
Pleading for sympathy,
From the merciless,
Who shoo them away,
Proud and apathetic,
On the night of Raya.

In a distance,
In the darkness of the night,
How funny to see them,
Spoilt, dissipated, immoral.
In this nation,
Miles away from hunger, starvation,
Yet, they seek for death,
Putting their lives at stakes,
On the night of Raya.

Under the brightness of the moon,
People gather buying goods,
Laughter fills the air,
Smiles carved on each faces,
As people come and go,
Uncertainty takes over,
When what it seems to be,
Is left unpromising,
On the night of Raya.

This world creeps me out.
So, I stride my way back,
Far from cruelty,
Afar from hatred,
Away from devastation,
To the love of my family,
On the night of Raya.

By: Ilyana Fauzy, 2008
Photo courtesy of Google
(Ilya, pardon me for the editing. Don't have much time. But I still love you very much ;))

A girl named Nur Hafizah Amer Hamzah

Peja, miss u. Sorry x dapat anta u that day. Though it doesn't make much diff whether I'm there or not, I still feel bad. I arrived home at 12.35 midnight on that same day u flew. Sad. Sad. If only I could get here a few hours earlier. Wish ure doing great over there in Manchester. Take care.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Click here to get you duit raya.

Strictly for DiGi users only :)

The first 8 (since it's my fav num) people (those using DiGi) who reply to this post will receive RM3 talktime credit as your duit raya.

Here's how:
My e-mail:
1. Send an e-mail to me with the title "Duit Raya". Your email should include ur phone number.
2. Notify me by leaving a comment here or through Yahoo! Messenger (the same mail).
3. RM3 will be credited to ur phone acocunt.
4. You can now enjoy calling and texting ur loved ones.

- Open for all Malaysians, no matter what religion or race you are.

DiGi, always the smarter choice.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Babi, oh babi...

Ada seorang pompuan , masa tu dia sedang berhenti ditepi jalan
sambil melihat keadaan keretanya yang kemek.
hari dah nak masuk magrib, dia menjadi semakin resah.
Dah lah jalan tu sempit, lampu jalan tak de pulak.

Tiba-tiba datang sebuah motosikal datang dari arah bertentangan.
Dah lah tak pasang lampu, tak pakai topi keledar.
laju pulak tu. macam pelesit.
Perempuan tu apa lagi, dia terus menjerit

" Hoi.. Babiiiiiiiii. ...... Slow sikit....."

Bila mendengar laungan perempuan tu, apa lagi,
penunggang motosikal tu pun
menjerit balas .

"Celaka!!!!! F**k you!!!, Pu**mak kau!!!".."
sedap jer cakap babi...."

Selang beberapa saat..
tiba-tiba terdengar satu dentuman yang kuat.
Perempuan tadi berlari kearah bunyi dentuman tersebut.
Apabila sampai ke sana,
kelihatan budak tu terpelanting dalam semak
manakala motosikal nya remuk sama sekali.

Rupa-rupanya, dia dah langar babi yang telah
dilanggar oleh perempuan tadi.

p/s: moralnye.,hoi..babi tu bukannye untuk menghina ke ape.
kite mestilah berfikiran positive sikit.ok.banyak.
think positive ni baik untuk kesihatan di samping
dapat mengelak dari melanggar babi2 di jalanan.

-Haha. Taken from Arque which was taken from someone else. Sorry x wait for u to gv the permission to grab this. X kira gak. Mau amek jugak sbb mmg menarek~ Hohoho


This one, is just for the sake of updating my blog. Lame~

A - AVAILABLE: Yes yes. Heh. Gatal~

B - BIRTHDAY: 7 Dec 1989

C - CRUSHING ON: Enrique Iglesias. Haha. (Temporarily only..)

D - DRINK YOU LAST HAD: For Sahur, Mineral water


F - FAVORITE SONG: Currently, Taking back my love by Enrique. dlu, xske lagu nie. Tp dgr byk2 kali, ske pulak. hoho.

G - GUMMY BEARS OR GUMMY WORMS: Gummy Bears :) (Associated with someone...)

H - HOMETOWN: Shah Alam.

I - IN LOVE WITH: Mum, Abah... Uh, U mean, that love...? Mohd Nor Hafizi Abdullah~

J - JUNGLE: Takut2. Tp saya suka kehijauan alam.

K - KILLED SOMEONE: I've a killer body. Hahaha~ Prasan~!!!

L - LONGEST CAR RIDE: Haha. Can't recall.


N - NUMBER OF SIBLINGS: Have 5 lovely siblings :)

O - ONE WISH: Everyone that I love including myself, succeed in everything we do, here and in the afterlife :) Amin~


R- REASON TO SMILE: Surrounded by my loved ones. <3

S - SONG YOU LAST HEARD: Big Girls Don't Cry by Fergie. FiZi played this song when I was crying last night. Haha. Big girls DO cry! Sape kate x...? Tipu tipu~

T - TIME YOU WOKE UP: 1830 smlam. Haven't slept. Now, it's 0723. Haih. Tido2.

V - VEGETABLE(S): X suka petola!!Eh, ke peria ek. Peria kot. Yang pahit2 tu. hoho

W - WORST HABIT: Eheh. Segannya nak ckp kat cni. Xmo xmo.

X - X-RAYS YOU HAD: Uncountable. Damn. Radiation. Cancerous.

Y – YO-YO'S ARE: ancient.

Z - ZODIAC SIGN: Sagittarius.
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