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Monday, August 31, 2009

Assignment and ketidakpuashatian.

Okay. I haven't completed any of the assignments I've posted previously. What should I do...

Kemalasan menyelubungi.

Owh, btw, a few days ago, Owh nearly a week oredy (on Tuesday), I went out with FiZi, Meen and Ezy to play basketball in UM. I went there by KTM, then, Meen and Ezy picked me up at Subang KTM Station. I was sitting there when three guys (looked like they're in their 30s and 40s) came and took the seats next to me. I overheard their conversation.

They were in anger. So, I turned my head into the direction they kept looking at and saw some Malay teenagers there. They were smoking and drinking (Well, not alcoholic drinks but still...!) behind a building and were laughing all the way. For God's sake, it's Ramadhan! (The picture, don't mind the 'ZONE'. Change it to 'MONTH')

Everyone that passed by gave them a stern look but none dared to confront them. Honestly, I didn't have the guts to either but I kept it to myself.

One thing that kept me wondering was that, if the guys next to me were full of fury and setakat cakap belakang je, baik x payah. Bazir air liur je. Why didn't you just go there and face them and tell what you think straight to their faces. If mengumpat macam tu, korang jugak dapat dosa. Dosa mengumpat tu, xpikir pulak. Haih. Then, nk bising2 pulak kat station tu and let the world know bout the teens. Gosh. How I wish I had the guts, kalau x jumpa the teenagers yang sedang smoking and drinking at the back alley tu pun, I wish I had the guts to tell the guys next to me to have a slowtalk with the teens. If you don't want to, then, just SHUT UP! Bingit telinga seyh.

That incident really spoilt my mood. Luckily, my sayang and dear friends cheered me up with that basketball tournament. Owh, my team won! 7-6 and 7-4 kot. Hoho. Owh, my team means FiZi and I ;) Bahagia~ He rarely played that before and he came in slippers because he sprained his ankle masa main rugby ari tuh. Wuu. Sakit2 kaki pun, degil nak main. Kan dah bertambah sakit. Haih~ Tp xpe. Kita menang kan ;)

Um, enough of that. So, I guess, tonight (or izzit morning..?), I'm gonna start my assignment. (As if... Ikut mood la. Now, It's 0330 oredy and I haven't started anything. ZzZ~)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Assignment? Uh... (Blur)

Uh, okay. May I ask, what actually is our assignment? I just know that everyone's so worried bout it but I don't know at all what am I supposed to do. So, last night, I asked my roommate what were the assignments given? And she replied my message:

1. LNL - Kohlberg n Piaget (1800 words)
2. CM - Reward n punishment essay (1000 words)
3. CM - Active Log 3
4. SE - Folio
5. SE - Report (1500 words)
6. SE - Reflection
5. ELT - Language Learning Approaches (2500 words)
6. That's all dear...hehe

Okay, when I read that message, I was starting to get worried. Only 4 days left and I haven't started a single thing. Nooo~! What's worse is that I don't know how to do the 2nd and both 4th assignment. I don't even know exactly how many words I'm supposed to do. Aiyoyo~

I was in a hurry that day. So, I didn't get the chance to bring all my assignments home :( Too bad for me. *Sigh~

But, whatever it is, I have to finish first the game that I'm playing. Hehe. :)

Help me~!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

TESL Night post? Maybe later...

Hoho. Proud of being the subject to this post.

click here-->I like!<--click here

Many thanx to Kayzack :)

Huhu. Maybe later I'll do a post on this TESL night. Didn't have the chance to grab piccies from my friends.

Friday, August 21, 2009

A fresh start...

Wow! It's such a wonderful feeling when you're free from hatred. When there's no one around that you hate or you can hate. Wish this could go on forever... Sometimes, it's like being on a cloud nine too. Seriously~ :)

Have you ever experienced this before? When you hate someone so much, you even wish you won't stop hating them. But in the end, when you realize it doesn't benefit any party at all, you learn little by little to put aside those despicable feelings and in the end, you succeed. Believe me, it's like a whole weight is being lifted off you. Gosh, I wish I've known this feelings earlier.

I'm now a happy person but believe me girl, once I started to hate you again, it could be FOREVER...

Monday, August 3, 2009

A thing called love...

"Happiness is all around when you're surrounded by love."
-Ilyana Zafirah Mohd Fauzy-

L.O.V.E. Believe in it? Well, some people don't. There are people who say that love hurts. For some, they think that love turns the world upside down. Some may say that love is blind. Love is cruel, certain people might express. But some just say, love sucks. Well, it depends. Experiences teach us lots of things. Some experiences teach us new things but some are just reminder to our past. People who say that love hurts might not see the good side of it, YET, but don't worry. It'll show up, someday...

I see love as a gift. A gift sent by God. Sent to families, friends, lovers and even strangers. Whatever it is, love brings joy to the world and without love, there's no peace.

Make LOVE, not WAR
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