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Monday, August 31, 2009

Assignment and ketidakpuashatian.

Okay. I haven't completed any of the assignments I've posted previously. What should I do...

Kemalasan menyelubungi.

Owh, btw, a few days ago, Owh nearly a week oredy (on Tuesday), I went out with FiZi, Meen and Ezy to play basketball in UM. I went there by KTM, then, Meen and Ezy picked me up at Subang KTM Station. I was sitting there when three guys (looked like they're in their 30s and 40s) came and took the seats next to me. I overheard their conversation.

They were in anger. So, I turned my head into the direction they kept looking at and saw some Malay teenagers there. They were smoking and drinking (Well, not alcoholic drinks but still...!) behind a building and were laughing all the way. For God's sake, it's Ramadhan! (The picture, don't mind the 'ZONE'. Change it to 'MONTH')

Everyone that passed by gave them a stern look but none dared to confront them. Honestly, I didn't have the guts to either but I kept it to myself.

One thing that kept me wondering was that, if the guys next to me were full of fury and setakat cakap belakang je, baik x payah. Bazir air liur je. Why didn't you just go there and face them and tell what you think straight to their faces. If mengumpat macam tu, korang jugak dapat dosa. Dosa mengumpat tu, xpikir pulak. Haih. Then, nk bising2 pulak kat station tu and let the world know bout the teens. Gosh. How I wish I had the guts, kalau x jumpa the teenagers yang sedang smoking and drinking at the back alley tu pun, I wish I had the guts to tell the guys next to me to have a slowtalk with the teens. If you don't want to, then, just SHUT UP! Bingit telinga seyh.

That incident really spoilt my mood. Luckily, my sayang and dear friends cheered me up with that basketball tournament. Owh, my team won! 7-6 and 7-4 kot. Hoho. Owh, my team means FiZi and I ;) Bahagia~ He rarely played that before and he came in slippers because he sprained his ankle masa main rugby ari tuh. Wuu. Sakit2 kaki pun, degil nak main. Kan dah bertambah sakit. Haih~ Tp xpe. Kita menang kan ;)

Um, enough of that. So, I guess, tonight (or izzit morning..?), I'm gonna start my assignment. (As if... Ikut mood la. Now, It's 0330 oredy and I haven't started anything. ZzZ~)


chris@dotagaki said...

OI cepat siapkan assignment la. Double dating je rajin... Im gonna sue u 4 using kemalasan menyelubungi without quoting me. :P

The Exquisite Instigator said...

OMG. Ya ya. Everyone, I quoted "kemalasan menyelubungi" from Chris! Haha. Siyes x terfikir pn la. Chris. I haven't started. I nk tdo. Nyte :( -0332am

sapik said...

wa.. merasa la idop as a student!!! x pnah x de kije... :P

abeelo said...

good luck with your assignments! huhu

anak pak man said...

mereka tak mengumpat..
mereka membenci melalui lidah..
gabungan mencegah dengan lidah n membenci dengan hati..

The Exquisite Instigator said...

haha. mmg kurang bes kn rase idop sbg student. tp nnt, akn dirindui juga perasaan nie. hoho

abeelo, thanx! :D

Hoho. anak pakman, thanx for ur pendapat :D

Anonymous said...

manusia semakin malas nk puase

The Exquisite Instigator said...

haha. ade ke manusia yg makin malas nk puasa..? Ke.. Mmg didikan family dah mcm tu... Haih~

Nicholas Tan said...

ya..assignment are stressful..

dehaq said...

i missed the last minute assignment rush. it has been a while. haha

arque said...

ish kalau aku lah kan.ish.. ;D
aku join pakcik2 tu kutuk2.pastu tunjuk2 kat mamat2 xpuasa tu.huh.
haha.lepak la dulu~
assignment tu nanti2 boleh buat.
wakaka. ;P

arque said...

ish kalau aku lah kan.ish.. ;D
aku join pakcik2 tu kutuk2.pastu tunjuk2 kat mamat2 xpuasa tu.huh.
haha.lepak la dulu~
assignment tu nanti2 boleh buat.
wakaka. ;P

The Exquisite Instigator said...

Nicholes: Haha. Tell me bout it.

Dehaq: Hey be thankful! :D Uh, do u kinda missing it? Haha~

Arque: Ish2. Mne ley camtu. g straight tros je kat budak2 tu. x perlu join pakcik tu. hoho. Ala. esaimen anta sok tp... wuuu... (tros close mozilla and open up microsoft word. Hoho)

Anonymous said...

kau pun bukan nak ckp direct kat orang yg cakap belekang2 tu kan??daripada ckp kat blog, kenapa kau tak tegur je dorg supaya tak mengumpat.jadi..kau pun sama.setuju?

The Exquisite Instigator said...

Haha. Xsetuju. Sebab kat dalam blog, i x bising2. Kita just bgtau pe kita rasa. n it's my blog n ive d right to express it. Sape nk bace, bace r. sape x mo, ley quit this page. So, in that sense, kami x sama. hohoho.
lgpun, selemah2 iman pn, tegur dlm hati kan. Kira luahan dlm ati nie x dikeluarkn mlalui lidah. ok r tuh kn. hoho

Eric said...

huh!!!! kinda same here

The Exquisite Instigator said...

haha. better start working on it now.

The Exquisite Instigator said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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