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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

MAA (Meen, Asfarina, Aza)

That day, didn't have the time to finish my blog bout my friends, the girl friends. So, this is counted as editing the previous one la.

Dia ini ialah Meen, awek kepada Ezy. Hoho. Honestly, I don't wanna write much bout her as I'll go on complimenting her. Seriously can't see the dark side of her except suka menghalauku dari biliknya. Haih~! Sgt2 hoping she won't read this. Done. Fullstop.

This girl, Asfarina. A nice girl that shares a lot of things with me. We love going out together as we have the tendency of releasing our pressure and stress through this activity :P Starts being close with her this semester and I can't recall how that could happen. Haha. What matters now is we love each others company and that's what's important. :)


chris@dotagaki said...

wa ceh... hawt nye awek2 nih.. nak nombor hp.

kacipcrew said...

nice layout.. simple n neat.. :D *two thumbs up*

The Exquisite Instigator said...

Chrissy Chris: Haha. X ley. Ure worthless compared to them. Heh. No la. Play2 only :P

PD: Thanx! :)

meen said...

i read it aza! too bad, kantoi edi. nak sain? hahahaha

Ilyana Z Fauzy said...


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