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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Proud to be me.

It's a pleasant feeling you get when you see yourself featured on other people's blog. Let them be just the name, promoting your blog or even just photos. I feel a great sense of happiness whenever I know I've made someone smile. And greater feelings is achieved when people tell me I'm an inspiration or similar sorta things :~) Here are some blogs that has me in them. Thank you people! (Owh, there are a few that I can't mention here. Sorry.)

I miss you:

You'll always be my friend:

There's an indescribable feeling I experienced when I read hers:

A lovely memory:

The 1st one is one of my fav pic:
halis1 and halis2

Haha. This one's only because I tagged him in a post, that creates the title:

And a senior paying condolence:

And TONS OF TIMES in his blog, most of them made me ROFL and some are efifing annoying:

Thank you, friends :~)


chris federick said...

Guys guys! She's definitely proud to be herself. She even used my fb account to call herself beautiful!! I mean... really?

Ilyana Z Fauzy said...

Haha. Are u high or something? Go to sleep lah!

The Tearaway said...

wah,,i da smakin glamm0r gtew... :P

miss u.. :)

Ilyana Z Fauzy said...

:~) i noe...

Anonymous said...

love your layout. and likign your posts~! keep writing~!! XD

Ilyana Z Fauzy said...

Awww. Thank u :~)

Art MuFuja said...

salam hari raya...hahaha :)

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