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Monday, February 14, 2011

counting the days...

Thanx for making this temporary stay in Malaysia a wonderful one. Thank you... Will be updating this blog ASAP... When I'm back in Australia... Gosh, I'll miss everyone...

I'm sorry dear readers for not updating it sooner. Been quite some time since my last post ey? Whatever it is, I'm gonna make full use of the next ten days I'm here... Yes, ONLY TEN days left :'~((( Flying to Aussie on the 24th... Haih. Hoping that this year will be a lot better than before....

With love, from the National Museum, Malaysia.

Oh oh! and... And I have a Twitter account oredy! Weee~! :~) Clap clap! Clap clap! (Jumping excitedly up and down, up and down like a retard.)

Ilyana Fauzy's Twitter
P/S: My twitter suddenly buat hal. Ada orang-orang yang saya pernah follow, tiba-tiba menghilang dari "Following" column tu. Maaf ye :~(

Btw, this blog is a mess at the moment. Will repair it within this month. (or next month). Sorry. Will be kinda busy since Macuqarie University reopens on the 20th.
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