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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I haven't started my assignment but will be doing so in bout uh... 10 minutes. It's a comparison between the curriculum in Australia and Malaysia. Have to submit it in less than 5 hours. Will I be able to make it? God knows... My last assignment was delayed 2 days due to my laziness  (and the assignment needed to be submitted on Raya Eve). Any cure for that (laziness)? :~( I hate procrastinating but I can't stop myself from doing so. Wuuu~! As a result, I've a potential of losing a grade (like in my previous semester. Maybe from High Distinction to Distinction. From Distinction to Credit. From Credit to Pass. And from getting a passing mark to a failure. Haihz... Was supposed to get a Distinction and 2 Credits and a Pass for my subjects my received all of 'em a grade lower (except the pass, it stayed there) because I sent in the assignments late. Damn! Lecturer dengki ngan saya! Haihs. (Lecturers, maaf zahir n batin...)

1 comment:

saya afi. said...

Me as well. Hate procrastinating but can't help myself doing so. Hurr. If you find the cure for laziness do let me know. I need it too..:)

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