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Sunday, May 9, 2010

An onion...

Wanted to post something else. But that can wait. Coz I'm getting sleepy and that post is gonna be long. So, here's a short post, for my dearest mama.

This heart is specially made for u mum. Love u lots n lots n lots...

And u're asking... Why an onion? Coz... everytime I chop it into small pieces, I'm being reminded of mum. I can still remember those moments when she was in the kitchen, cutting up the onions and putting onions in most of her cooking, just because I love it. And the way she chopped it, her hands were fast. Really. I admire seeing them working. If I were to do it at that speed, I'd surely have my fingerS cut of. Haha.

(: mama and the onion :)

Happy Mother's Day


chris_lim said...

Patut ar u gile onions. Dah le kentut busyuk haha.

On a more serious note, ur mom would hv been so proud of u. Happy mother's day to mak ilya :)

Cikgu AL said...

sweet onion indeed..=)

Faisal Admar said...

don't forget to chew gum, it helps you from watery eyes when you cut the onions :)

hey, be happy :)

NuR _QudS said...

za..i de post sumthing bout u kt my blog.. g tgk g~~~sekarang!!

The Exquisite Instigator said...

chris nieh.... x abes2! :D

thanx aliah :)

rili? thanx for d tips :D

dh tgk dah iwa. thank u. sweet :)

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