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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lampard, jom shopping!

Planned since last week to go out and shop for futsal shoes. But it's not easy to find cheap ones with nice designs. So, after planned carefully, decided to go to Nike, Rebel and Adidas Factory Outlets for the shoes.
Forgot to take pic of the Nike's Factory Outlet 
Arrived in Auburn before 12pm. (This is what happens when you've set ur alarm clock at 8 and keep it snoozing :P) Walked 1.1km from the train station to Nike Factory Outlet. I asked the person there if they've any futsal shoes and he thought I said foot sole, and replied, they only sell that in the Athlete Foot store. Ah, lantak kau lah. Not much choices pun. Walked bout 200m from there to the Rebel Sports Outlet. Woah. A total opposite.
 A large number of shoes are sold there.

But I wasn't so sure of the size. So, had to try one by one coz I noticed that the sizes are not standard ones. I came up with these.
Heee. Not all of them are futsal shoes tho. Tp, nafsu mengalahkanku. Btw, in the I did manage to fight my cravings for others and ended up with the four shoes in the middle.I finally bought... (Will state at the end of this post. Surprise ;))

I decided not to go to the Adidas store anymore since I've got what I want. But, heh. When I saw the store next to it...
 In case u can't see it, it states "Handbags and Shoes Factory Outlet". Now, who could resist that?! ;P

So, I went over and found this...
Huh? 0? Like like like!
But it's kinda weird and funny at the same time. It turned out that all shoes there are $0.00. Lorh, the prices are mentioned at each boxes. :( So, this shoe I was holding is $25. Dislike dislike dislike!

I went to the Adidas store next and this surprised me.
Guess how much they sell this one.
Crazy?! I admit, the pants is cute but, it's not worth the price!

We walked and walked and walked. We ate delicious chicken pizza and dry beef pizza. And took some snapshots around the town. And Rin was searching for her boots.

Tired of walking, at 8pm, we dined in at Thainamite. The best Thai restaurant in Auburn I think. Here's a couple of pictures I took over there.

While waiting for the food

Yummy! Wait. Wait! I spotted someone. Yes. Him! The one at the back. Aaa~ He has this resemblance of Frank Lampard. Right?! Okay. I'm melting now...

Tha happy face seeing Lampard's twin :D
I was doing good stalking him till... The last pic shows that his mum saw my activity. I stopped, temporarily ;)

1. He sat behind me before leaving.
2. He was leaving.
3. Can u see that he was like playing with my hair?! Or patting me?! Or, saying goodbye? Wuuu =(
Continued eating and camwhoring of course :) And the final pic before leaving.

At the Auburn's City Rail station. We were full. Felt like we were pythons eating too much.

Continued to camwhore in the public transports

 Back at home, wore the things I bought.

These are what I bought. + a brown skirt and bananas (Forgot to take the pic too.)

And this one here, what Rin got herself. Lovely boots :)

Before sleeping, I was on Skype with Hannah, my SMSS schoolmate which I miss (I miss 0206), and Farah, and also on the phone with Abah, Elli and FiZi.

(: What a wonderful day. Good Night :)
Oh, wish me luck for tomorrow's Futsal tournament.



~IHSAN AZ~ said...

belikan dayak seluar tu mesti die suka,huhu....

Cikgu AL said...

hensem gler twin lampard tu!~i yg cair~hahaha

The Exquisite Instigator said...

haha. not worth every cent.

aliah! dia bkn mmt korea. stop suka dia!

Anonymous said...

"Kau, iye. Kau. Jgn lah terlampau materialistik. Mati nanti pun, bukan bawak masuk kubo."

The Exquisite Instigator said...

Eh, that's my line. Oops. Looks like someone's plagiarized it without quoting the source. I feel sorry for ur tiny lil brain. Take care. Jaga otak elok2. :)

Atiqah Alluru said...

dear..u r jz look like lisa surihani lorr..

The Exquisite Instigator said...

haha. thanks for the compliment :) hope u like lisa surihani n datz y u're comparing me with her. heh. Thank u :)

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