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Monday, June 28, 2010

I love...

Let's start counting.











Oops, repeated my favourite number thrice. Pity number 9 coz there's no mention of him (or her) there.

Well, so, what's so special about this number, you ask? There are several reasons actually.


I love circles. As simple as that. But I love the shape of a heart and stars better. But, in numbers, none look like a heart or stars. So, the award goes to the third favourite shape, a circle.


I think, number 8 is beautiful. If it's a guy, he's very handsome. I love guys that are supportive and always lend a helping and be a gentleman whenever necessary. Like number 8. The smaller circle is always on top and the larger one is always at the bottom. Very helpful. Very strong. Very loyal. Always there when needed. That's what best friends are for. Em, would u be my best friend?


Two. A couple. Never lonely. Love. Happiness. When you're with your mum. When you're with your friend. When you're with your lover. When you're with your dad. When you're with anyone. You get what I mean? You're not alone. Coz there's always someone there with you. Like number 8, there are always two circles. Never one. Never more. Of course, the more, the merrier but too many cooks spoil the broth. Agree? Agreed. Thank you. :-)


A circle is one complete thing. It always comes back to its starting point. No turning back. No going around the bushes. No sharp edges. Unlike triangles, stars, hearts, pentagons. U name it... Well, an oval does too but it goes differently. That's in my next point.


In an eight, you'll have to go through a crossing line in the middle and you can't see what's on the other side unless you cross it. So, the one at the bottom can't see what's on the top and vice versa. It's like feelings. The bottom is what others can see and the top, what's hidden. Unless you enter the other part, you won't know what's there.

To apply this concept in a circle, you won't know what's ahead of you unless you continue the journey. Imagine there's a fence in the inner circle. So, you can't see what's across you. But in an oval, at least, you'll see more of what's ahead of you because there are two points where the lines are quite straight which makes it easier to see what lays in front of you. You got me? Haha. I really don't know how to say it in an easier way. Sorry folks.

There you go. That's the whole reason of why I love number 8 so much. Apart from it's LAMPARD'S number of course. ;)

His jersey that I've to iron everyday.
(Okay, itu tipu. Jersi tidak perlu diseterika)


Hamdi said...

peminat Lampard ker?

Ilyana Z Fauzy said...

Haha. X mungkin org lain :)

Tapi decreasing sjk dia kurang menyerlah.

Nak drogba pulak. KALAU Drogba pakai num 8 :P

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