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Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Black Pearl.

Oyeah~ The first thing that came to mind when reading the topic sure is The Black Pearl. The first POTC right? No. No. This is something else.

I've this membership card too.

I used to crave drinks that costs me AUD5.30. Everytime I fancy an ice blended with pearl, I go to EasyWay. It's a store that serves various kinda drinks range from tea, shakes, ice blended and more.

 Zawa's regular sized grape shake.

But the thing I often order (Not often, all the time actually) is large  ice blended chocolate with pearl. Okay. What's this thing bout the pearl you ask? I found out that it's actually made of tapioca (I think) because I went to Miracle (an asian market) and it sells something that looks like the pearl I love in the drinks I buy.

It's much worth AUD2.35, getting lots of pearls and doing it myself rather than asking someone to make it for me and pay AUD5.30 for very little amount. I decided to make an ice blended lime with pearl.

The process of cooking.

 This is what I've got after filtering.

There you go!


feeqa said...

sis, if u balik msia..find kat tesco s.alam..ala lupa plak..or u g times ke..ada kedai nama cool blog..same with Easy store tu..ada mcm2 ice blended,yoghurt blend.smoothies..sedapnya..n also the pearl..sedap kan

Ilyana Z Fauzy said...

Haha. u make me feel mcm ketinggalan zaman. Eh. yes! Pernah sekali my friend bawak g tempat yg buat mcm nie. But I dunno what's the name of the place but it's in Subang. Heh. Tesco Shah Alam? Seriously? I live opposite of TSA tapi x pernah perasan pun! Balik nanti, nak baham banyak-banyak lah! :)

faridcool said...

uwaaa.. babel tea~~

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