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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Period and drinks

It's 2.30am here and I'm watching the replay of England vs Slovenia match although I've just watched the live play. I accepted Myra's invitation to join her eat "cucur bawang" at Hafiz's house. I bring my sugar-free green tea along. That's when Myra tells me that green tea's not good for my health if I drink it while having period. I never knew that. Unconvinced, I googled it and found this article.

Click here--> :-( <--Click here

The result, it's true. I shouldn't drink green tea when I'm having my period. Too bad. I have four favourite drinks but I can only drink three here which are "Cincau", Vanilla Coke and green tea. But cincau, it's hard to get it because I need to buy it at the Asian store whilst I can get VCoke anywhere I go. Green tea? I'm very lazy to get outta my bed just to boil the water. So, my main drink here is VCoke (besides the tap water of course).

My other fav drink is hot barley. I get easily irritated when I go and order at the mamak for hot barley but they give me a warm one. They're lucky if I don't yell at them. Oh yes, I'm very hot tempered when it comes to ordering at restaurants, especially fast food outlets and mamaks. How I wish I could be cool enough  instead of getting angry all of a sudden. Haihs.


Atiqah Alluru said...

oh really?
thnx 4 d inf0rmative inf0 dear..
n0w i n0e dat menstrual period cann0t drink green tea.

The Exquisite Instigator said...

Yeah. I just knew that too. Suffered menstrual cramps last night tho I rarely get one :( Bad news for me.

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