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Friday, July 2, 2010

Triste Sorglegt Triest Traurig Bronach Huzuni Ledsen Sedih

Yes, all of the above words are synonym to SAD. No matter what language you speak, there will always be this one word. The word that most avoid. Well...
"Hati ini jadi sedih pabila salah diri tidak diketahui..."
(This heart gets sad when own mistakes aren't made known)
-Direct translation

Folks, if someone ever hurts your feelings, let them know why. Don't ignore them. Don't leave them in the dark. Let them know. It hurts much more when you're being ignored, being left out when you don't know your fault or why one put the blame on you. Everyone feels like that. Everyone feels the same way as you do.

Trust me. I've been in the shoes before. In both shoes, to be exact.

Situation 1
I'm the blamer

August 2007-March 2010
I hated her. For things she did wrong to me.

March 2010
She did something outrageous. Something that made everyone mad at her. That was when I posted something on my Facebook status bout her. Something I've been keeping all along. Things I never knew she didn't know those things were wrong. The next morning, I saw the guilt on her face as she tried her best to smile at me... She hugged me tight and said she's sorry. That moment... That moment was a moment I wish I could relive. It was one of the best moment ever. I rarely have grudge on people. So, once I feel like like I hate that person, that feeling will never fade. That was the first time I have that feeling. The first and the last, hopefully. A feeling I wish I will never have. Ever again.

Situation 2
I'm the one to blame

April 2005
He left without saying anything. No message. No phone calls. Not a single letter. (Oh yes, we used to write letters to each other since 2002).

29 November 2008
He finally texted me, when he was alone in Teluk Batik, nearing 4am. He explained what exactly happened. I was shocked. I never knew those simple things could hurt someone so much. Now, we're still friends. Good friends, in a way. Thank you. Thank you very much, dear friend. I wish I can reverse the time but since that's impossible, let's not talk much bout that okay.

Thank you friends for letting me experience these ups and downs of life. Thank you very much. You guys colour my life. It was really dark; the moments I had the vengeful heart, the moments I felt sorry for myself for not being a real friend. When apologies given, apologies accepted, I'm glad to say that life really is such a pain if things are kept inside, when things are much easier than it seem. But seriously, it's the total opposite when hearts are opened to forgive and forget (Sorry, I'm clumsy. I forget often. But this case is an exception. The sincerity makes the new day a breathable one. Again, I thank you.

If there's any grammatical in this post, pardon me. It's 9.26am and I haven't slept since yesterday.
Goodnight everyone.

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