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Friday, July 2, 2010

The Maccas

The Malaysians call it McD. People here call it Macca. This is my first time here eating a proper meal at a fast food restaurant (besides Oporto of course).

I felt kinda empty after not leaving my room for a few days. Only went out to make myself dinner or go to the toilet. So, when Myra invited me to join them (with Hafiz and Ulwi), I immediately accepted the offer. It was 6pm I guess but looked more like 9pm. We went there by car.

On the way to McD

I treated myself to a large BigMac meal. The same order I always get at McD in M'sia.

Myra and I

The guys.
Notice the sauce they used? Ulwi brought it from home.

I finished the last :(

Us. (Please. Don't mind my pimples and how chubby I am)

Not feeling full, we went to Subway.

The view from Subway. It's the McD we went earlier. Myra and I were thinking of buying Steak and Cheese foot long sandwich. Unfortunately, only the chicken's halal. So, we proceeded to KFC.


The process of ordering

We got ourselves Krushers and sweet desserts.

The guys waited in the car.

We left KFC.

Back at home, we watched a Thai movie. Something to do with assassinations.

 Hafiz wrapped the night with his story about shooting something.
(I wasn't listening. Sorry.)

Then, Myra and I went back home and here I am... 
In front of the lappy, wondering when's my next day out will be.


adawiah zaini said...

kfc & mcd halal? waa i'll go there later! nom nom..

Ilyana Z Fauzy said...

Eh? did i say halal? X lah :) Haha. :P Sini mmg banyak yang halal la :) even that day, went to mcd. and myra ordered chicken deluxe. that person said that chicken x halal. only beef halal. so, it depends la :) Kena pandai2 tanya :)

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