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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Guess what this means...


I'm just saying...



reenkyra said...

t for tikus?

The Tearaway said...

dpt hadiah x if i dpt teke? :P

Ilyana Z Fauzy said...

t for tikus? s for salah :)

nak hadiah ke? Boleh je. Cepat teka :)

anak pak man said...


Spain terbaik france ucuk!

lame nya~


Ilyana Z Fauzy said...

Good way of thinking! But wrong :( Sorry. You can always try again :)

The Tearaway said...

hehehe,,, sy taw,, tp sy xnk bg taw..
*lagi LAME alasan nie*

(but i guess wht i've been thinking matched wth da answer)

Ilyana Z Fauzy said...

Teka je lah. Banyak cakap pulak

The Tearaway said...

tk0t salah,,, s0,
decided tuk x teke. :)

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