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Monday, July 5, 2010

Thank you Mr/Ms Translator.

Thanx to technology, I can finally understand what it says on this site.

It was 2002 when I first searched my name on the internet. (Or was it 2003?) Back then, there was only one result that came out and it was the link above. I had no idea what it was about but seeing the image, I knew it has something to do with my performance in Taiwan. So, here's the translation of what's on the site:

"In 1999, the state of cultural tourism in the Shala Gong office support, we selected primary schools from Shah Alam had 25 ninth-grade students, formed the child's cultural group. Although the city only a year the military, we have participated in National Day performances, but also exchange students and Japanese cultural exchange activities. We hope to teach children through their daily practices, to encourage children to understand, and to cherish our traditions and culture. Performance Program:

   1. Overture: want to know how Malaysian welcome their friends? "Bunga Emas, Sireh Junjung, Tepak Sireh and Bunga Manggar" is a traditional welcome dance, very elegant, often can be seen in the celebration parade.
2. Celebration dance: It is a description of children playing folk dancing, children singing Malay folk side edge jump "Chan Mali Chan", "Lenggang Kangkong" and "Pong-pong Along".
   3. In the Arab Malay: Malaysia has a variety of folk culture, this dance originated from the first state in the south of Johore, the performance of the Malaysian culture of the Arab style.
4. Malay Fist: Malay martial arts have many forms, two representatives this reason a series of action model, showing how to "attack" and "defensive."
5. Color towel dance: dance this dance move very fast, and we generally different from the common Malay dance. Dancers dance the door, holding colorful long scarf waving.
6. Sabah ranks: East Malaysia's traditional dance, especially the most common area of Sabah. Dance, a row of boys and girls face in a row to adagio melody dancing, gestures change, as the birds flying in the general elegance.
7. Thank God: the area of Kenyak Sarawak ethnic, very fond of this type of dance, history, found that this first dance is a prince by a Kenyak compiled. Most important is the description of gratitude to God and blessings.
8. North Malay wedding dance: from the north side of the Malay Peninsula, Perlis state, usually in celebration or wedding, we can see.
9. Coconut shell song: Jump this first dance, the dancers holding hands and coconut shell, with a singing melody, another hit.
  10. Farmer's Kite: Wau Bulan is a kite, not just the children playing, even the farmers like. Especially the harvest festival, they often can see a variety of colorful kites of different colors, in the hands of the children live to fly with!
  11. Swing: This is a very popular in the Negeri Sembilan state dance. Dancers sit in a row, up and down swinging his hands and left and right with each other to sing together adjacent forest.
  12. Violin solo: by Ilyana Zafirah bt. Mohd. Fauzy as, playing Malay folk songs, tracks for "Lenggang Mak Limah", "Anak Ayam", "Inang" and "Joget"."

Haha. That's one helluva direct translation. My name only in the 12th point but I actually joined all. :)


FS*RawkS* said...

omg taiwaaann! haha! tp tu mcm bukan gmbr kitorg je?

nurfarah nadiah said...

hellooo at least ade name u khas kat artikel tu haha~
cian org len tade nme diorg pon :p

Ilyana Z Fauzy said...

haha. gamba kite lah! tp x jelas...

eheh. agk la farah. x tau bersyukur pulak kn

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