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Saturday, July 10, 2010

A new beginning...

You guys remember in my previous post? O yes... The yummy karipap with bihun filling (Sounds gross =P)

Well, the next day, I decided to try and cook Ayam Masak Sambal. That was my first time doing it. I went to the kitchen at 2am, feeling like cooking something spicy. Okay. Here's my confession:

"I never bought or cooked any rice here because I don't know how to cook any lauk or anything that can be eaten with rice."

There you go. Pity me right? But I don't mind much. I always prefer eating something besides rice :) But yes, really. I know nothing when it comes to food eaten with rice. I'm a noob. T_T But who cares. It's not like I'm cooking for others. Since I fear being alone... I rang Jiha to accompany me although we ended up fighting. (Sorry Jiha. I know I'm always mean to you but I love you. [She must be head over heels reading this]).

I mix this and that and some of this and yes, that too plus those and these and of course that and no not that one and bla bla bla... So, after about an hour or two in the kitchen, I came up with this!

My very first Ayam Masak Sambal!
Proud of myself though it's quite spicier than I wanted it to be. (I rarely taste during cooking)
Okay. The presentation isn't that welcoming but it's delicious. What else is more important?

Owh, btw, I didn't take this picture right after cooking it because it was 2am and I wasn't thinking of putting it in my blog. And I ate it with toasted bread in the morning because I don't have any rice. When I wake up the next morning... (No, no. I woke up ate 6.50++pm) I went to the kitchen and I brought this outta the fridge. Ulwi came and offered me some rice. Woohoo~! There you go. I ate this with rice finally! =D Very happy when Farah told me that the sambal is delicious because she's a good cook and to receive compliment from her or Myra makes my day...

I ended up with a face that looks like a plum (but I'm sweet as ever. Just mentioning a plum because I looked plump.) because of the spicy taste. See my swelling lips? Phewww~

My adorable face with:
  • pink cheeks and
  • red swelling lips and
  • one small eye and
  • one bigger eye and
  • puffy eyes and
  • big nose and
  • little sweat and
  • Quite messy hair (What do u expect from someone that has just gotten outta bed just to eat?)
That's what the Ayam Masak Sambal did to me =)


nizam said...

and you said that i'm chubby now. :P

Nobita Swan*.^ said...

cantik lips... macam Angelina Jolie:P..anyway, ur chicken looks tasty, next time when i visit Paramatta, cook some for me..^^ hehee~~~

The Tearaway said...

bangge gler terpahat name dlm da dairy of a sophisticated mastermind

hahaha,,salu je end up fighting,, 2 yg 0peratr matikan line.. :P

perghh,,nmpak sedap la,, n nmpak pedas jgak..lalalalala~~~

Ilyana Z Fauzy said...

haha. A lot chubbier than me too!

haha. i punye lips lg cantik! :D and x mo masak utk u...

1st time komen! Hampeh punya budak. klu camnie.. i kne masukkan ur name sentiasa la eh.. bru u nk komen? tch tch tch...

Ilyana Z Fauzy said...

haha. diamlah. x mungkin

The Tearaway said...

u nk masukkan my name kt every p0st ke??? menariknye... :P

The Tearaway said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tiger lane boy said...

nice! dah pandai masak dah! :D

Ilyana Z Fauzy said...

one thing only :) don't wanna cook anymore.

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