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Friday, July 23, 2010

Something different... ;~)

I've been fasting for the whole week now. Have a few more days to go. Hopefully there's enough time for me to replace my fasts before the Ramadhan comes. (Padah ganti puasa lambat. Padan muka! D~: )

On Monday, Syu, Noni and I went to Mac Cen together for food as Noni was fasting too. However, we were craving for three completely different flavours. Syu wanted Sushi, Noni had her thoughts on Oporto and I... I wasn't exactly sure of what to eat because I just accepted Noni's invitation to break the fast together. On the way there, I blurted out, "Masti...". Maybe because I haven't eaten Indian food for some time and Syu then had a dilemma on which to go for; Sushi or Masti. She ended up having both. :~P

Syu with her Tika Masala Grilled Chicken

Noni with her Oporto chicken and chips.

And I... with Tika Masala Grilled Lamb.
Final result: 
And today, well, yesterday (220710), I went out with Farhad and Farah to Auburn to eat at our all time favourite Thai restaurant, Thainamite. Went out at around 4.35pm. Didn't realize the time and I should've break my fast at 4.56. But I ended up eating at 5.30pm, I guess. Since I normally break fast at 1100 something at night, I don't mind that at all :~P

On the way there. Tadaaa~ The different look than I normally do in Aussie :~)

Snapping pics while waiting for the food.

Farhad's order: Pineapple Fried Rice.

Farah and I ordered a large Steam Jasmine Rice each and two other dishes to be shared.

Chicken with Hot Oyster Sauce and...

Tofu and Vegetable Tom Yum.

My favourite: Onions! :~D

Before and after: Yum Yum Yummy!

We were full... and happy... and sleepy.

Final shots...

Owh, and I would like to thank Farhad for this nice video he made of us. Gelojoh! :~) 


sya mansor said...

nak kene try Masti's grilled chicken tu. nampak cam banyak gile...

chris_lim said...

Aza with tudung. Miracles do happen nearing the holy month.

mIsS nIsYa said...

aza..aza..u look...aweesome!!!honestly..from d bottom of my heart..

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