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Sunday, July 18, 2010


I planned to go to the 'Underbelly Arts' festival near Broadway Street opposite of UTS which sounds a lot interesting. Kate, who is a friend I just met 2 weeks ago, invited me to join it. The event took place from 2pm till 10pm. I woke up at around 4.50pm and felt heavy headed. Went for a shower and headed to the Central Station with Chris. That's when I changed my mind. I fear that I'll get dizzier and be a burden to Chris. So, I changed my mind and told him let's just eat at Nando's, Westfield. He didn't believe at first because he could see how eager and excited I was about going to the performance. After discussing, finally we decided to just eat at Nando's.

Call me outdated but yeah, I've never eaten at Nando's before. Well, I've been there with FiZi but I don't think I can remember ordering anything because didn't feel like eating back then. So, today, well, yesterday, it's my official first time going to Nando's. Weeee~! So, let the pictures tell the story, plus the caption above them. Funny thing, Chris also has never eaten at Nando's before. Cavemen aye?

While waiting...

His quarter chicken and spicy rice with Extra Hot Sauce

My half chicken and spicy rice with Hot Sauce

Before eating.

And later on, Chris shopped for some groceries and we headed home.
(Was relieved upon arriving home because my head's started spinning)

(I miss SMSS0206)


chris_lim said...

Stalker! curi2 amik gambar. Dah le make me miss bus stop, call me caveman sumore.

Cikgu AL said...

aza!i xpuas ati,npe chris jd model?klu u je model lg best..=p

chris_lim said...

cikgu al: tak yah berpura2 *wink* U la stalker i actually.

sya mansor said...

Parramatta's Nandos ke? satu lagi, awat dating berdua neh?! :p

Ilyana Z Fauzy said...

haha. $1.60 je :P and that's because you malas nak jalan.

Haha. you weren't there. You igt, i nk ke jdkn chris model klu u ade? haha :P

A'a. Parramatta punya :) setan ikot skali lah. Jadi bertiga ;) Hahaha :P

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