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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The wedding.

After a satisfactory 5 hours of sleep, I dreamt of something. Something I rarely dream before. Not rarely, never dreamt before to be exact. It was a wedding. No. Not just a wedding. THE Wedding. MY Wedding...

I slept. This thing came to mind where I go out with people that I'm interested with. And they do too. They know I've a boyfriend and I simply keep everything away from my boyfriend.)


Came a day where I... I went to a party. Not the birthday ones though. It's more like a kenduri because there were parents and little children everywhere. It was midday maybe. I came with a large number of friends. Then, I'm not sure why, in front of everyone, I asked a guy (our friend, not so close friend) to marry me that night. He was excited bout it but I never knew he took it seriously because he had crush on me for a long time. My boyfriend was there too but we're not really close in public. We don't meet often. He overheard me telling my parents that I told this guy to marry me that night or the next morning... I told my parents when I was on my way outta the gate and I was loud at that moment.

My boyfriend went into his dad's car with this sad, disappointed face, not talking to me at all. He left...

I kept thinking bout it all day. Realizing how serious the other guy was about marrying me, I hurried  on a bicycle to his house which I don't really know where but in Section 11, Shah Alam. I wanted to tell him that I was joking and that I was wrong to have done that. However, I woke up in the process of searching for his house. I wish I could sleep longer.


 *I don't know who this guy friend is, but I sure know who my boyfriend in my dream is. I woke up to find that he left me a message on the phone, telling me that he misses me. And this gets me wondering, "Is it really true that when we think of a person, the time usually clashes?"

*No, he's not my current boyfriend. But yes, someone I like :) LIKE only


tiger lane boy said...

kepak kepung kepak kepun!
renjis2 ikan bilis.

hahaha :D
selamat pengantin baru!

Ilyana Z Fauzy said...

haha. x menjadilah.

tiger lane boy said...

like je?

Ilyana Z Fauzy said...

Dah unlike. Haha

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