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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Improvisation taken to a new degree.

I made bihun last night. Farhad entered the kitchen and the conversation started.

Farhad  : What's this? (Pointing at the bihun)
Me       : Bihun lah. What else could it be?
Chris    : Oh, I thought it's Fried Rice.
Hafiz     : And I thought it's red meat!

I made this my Facebook Status:

Bila masak bihun goreng, rupanya tidak dikenali. Ada yang ingat nasi goreng, ada yang ingat itu daging. Sedih sungguh! Upon tasting it, I feel like throwing it away. But then, Myra says it tastes like inti karipap. Eh, sedaplah jugak tu kan? And she's planning to make karipap using my bihun. Oh, that's so appreciative and tidak membazir :P Thanx Myra Mika. No matter what, Spain tetap menang :)

I told Myra I want to throw it away. I called FiZi and cried over the phone, felt like a loser. The next moring, Myra posted this as her status.

okeyh dh siap wat karipap..tunggu nk goreng, housemate2 ku... Ilyana FauzyNurfarah NadiahFarhad DaudUlwise Billie Millie-aire n Chris Lim nti goreng n mkan la ek karipap inti bihun aza tuh...hohohoho

I woke up at 6.58pm and that night, Nurfarah Nadiah helped me fry them and I ate the karipaps. Woooo~!! Yummy! :D Thanx Myra. Thanx Farah.

The flash was on. That explains the dark background.

And that's my bihun in the background :) 

Lesson learnt: I may not know how to make bihun but I know how to make the inti of karipap! which is much better. (Btw, I do know how to make Fried Bihun. Just that, last night I tried putting few other ingredients in the Bihun.)


fsue said...

coooooool! ;)

Anonymous said...

Good to hear that the taste of the karipap was yummy hahaha

Ilyana Z Fauzy said...

:) haha. creative kn!

Anonymous? Mesti myra or farah kan :) Yup! Yummy!

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