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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I fear...

I slept... I had nightmares.

The setting took place at the railway station. I did remember thinking... Before I went to sleep, I was thinking of how to overcome my fear of darkness (lygophobia) and my fear of being alone (autophobia) and the fear of being confined in small places (claustrophobia). The last phobia, I remember dad telling us that he was a claustrophobic many years ago and he has overcome it.

I killed people in my dreams. I murdered them for self protection. They rubbed themselves against me and when I self defensed myself, I ended up killing them.
I've a bf in my dream. I don't know who he is but his friends want to do something bad to me. I didn't know what they spoke bout. He constantly said no. Then, his friends said they wanna play a game and they explained to me what the game was like. Something to do with catching the fish and I dunno what but it seemed harmless. I agreed. My bf yelled NO. And he was beaten to death. That's when I realize I was being tricked. I had to kill them too to save myself. 
Another thing happened, and when I'd killed that guy, I have to kill the dog because I was against his owner and I killed him. 
Finally, I sat and I gave up on myself. That was when a man in his 20s came. He was very polite. I leaned my head against his shoulder and I told him everything. Immediately, I became his girlfriend. He then said he wanted to get something for us to eat and I've to  stay there by myself. I refused but I didn't have the energy to walk anymore. He went to buy the food in a store about 15m away from me so that I could see him. 
A person suddenly came and pointed beneath my seat. There was an old woman, a pervert watching me under my seat. (THIS STILL GIVES ME THE CREEPS TILL NOW). I didn't take time to think, I kicked her strongly and she grabbed my leg. I screamed for my new bf and he rushed over but it all happened to fast. I ended up killing the woman and in her dying breath, she told me the those eerie words that send chills to my spine... 
"Beautiful girls end up being murdered everywhere."
I asked her why and she pointed to a teenage girl on the other side. It was the person who pointed to me the old woman. I followed that teen and my bf was willing to come along since he said he has to be there with me. We came to a house and I dunno why she brought me there. There were another 10 (maybe) beautiful girls there. It was a huge house.
We went into the house and had to escape. I don't know why we must go there in the first place. In the end, I was nearly beaten using a ball pein but is much bigger than what I used to use by the owner of the house (she's the one that started telling people that the old woman told me). That was when I screamed in my dreams and I woke up sweaty.

I killed different people only at that place (the railway station). Many people. A few others I don't even mention here. I'm afraid to sleep...

I need to be on my feet an hour from now coz I need to go to the uni. I really need to sleep.  I know some may say it's just things playing fool on us. It's just a psycho state one may experience. But I'm scared. I'm afraid. I fear everything at the moment...

(Sorry if there's/re grammatical errors. I'm shaking. I can't think much... Saya takut...)


Anonymous said...

you teddy wants to kill you! :P

chris_lim said...

itula, byk lagi chat roulette. Lots of perverted dreams that psychs u up from seeing tooot*

chris_lim said...

Am i in ur dream?

Ilyana Z Fauzy said...

Awww. Nah. He's too sweet to be a killer. Not competent enuf.

U wanna be in it? :) As the dead boyfriend or the boyfriend that's killed later on :P

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