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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tired of eating? Here's more :~P


Went to eat at Nurizwah's house. A housewarming where I went to break fast. The food? Wonderful. Haven't eaten good nasi impit with kuah kacang since Farah last made hers during our housewarming :)


Was hibernating. That terrible thing happened made me don't wanna wake up at all...


More eating :) Owh, before going out with them, I've made myself a simple mushroom pasta to break my fast... During the boilation (Please don't use this word. It doesn't exist :P) of the pasta, I went to the toilet and overheard UIwi and Chris' conversation. They wanna go to Westfield for their dinner and they invited me to go and I agreed immediately although I'd something else on the stove. I just felt that I need to get some fresh air. Here's the before, during, after having my dinner.

Ate this before going out so that I don't spend much money on eating since this was done.
(Used Mozarella cz I prefer this compared to Parmesan :))


Camwhoring much? ;~)

(Nando's again? :P)

Ohhh~ The look is so tempting! Ordered two outta three. Guess what I got...

If only they've displayed these... I'd never think it as worth $4.40 each. Darn. There goes my money and the taste, simply not worth it. :~(

Ulwi's: Portuguese Paella - Yummy :~)

Chris' burger.

Enjoying the food. At least, I looked like I did. :~P


We decided to walk home because it was 7pm and the bus will only come at 7.34pm. Chris was looking forward to watch the final Masterchef at 7.30pm. We arrived home bout 3 minutes before the bus came :P

Have something special for the next post :~)


sya mansor said...

Chris tapau food sumore? no wonder lah

chris_lim said...

Oit oit, that's aza's AUD5.20 sprite k. Dah le berat.

Wa,i dah jadi cover model for aza's blog *wink*.

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