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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Testing your eyesight.

Now now people... Let's take an eyesight test, shall we?
Please don't scroll down first.
No cheating, peeps!

See anything?



Still nothing? Uh.. A little closeup perhaps?

Yeah... By now, most probably you've spotted it.

Wait, what?? Still in the dark?

Okay okay. Add the size and light it up. Voila!

There you go...

Hahaha. Okay. Okay. Come on, another chance. This time, it might be a little easier for you to spot it since now you know what you've to search for. So, to make it kinda harder, I'll just shrink the picture a lil bit. Heee. Let the spotting begin!

Found it? Heee

What about now? Clearer?

Another chance! Am sure you've spotted it!

There it is... Sitting right at the top of the door!

Alolooo. Adorable!

Euw. Macam geli sikit.

Oyesss..! A teeny weeny froggy! It's the size of my teeny weeny finger (Bajet jari kecik)! And no, not the whole finger but just the small little section at the tip of my baby finger. I was very very very afraid to place my hand near the frog. However, for the sake of the readers, to show the comparison, I did it anyway. (Woah! Terharu tak??!) Hahaha.

Had no intention of promoting the BB whatsoever =_="
Held the phone tightly because of nervousness.

I just found out that it's not poisonous at all. It's A green tree frog which really look like a bright super poisonous one which makes me feel like a fool because cuak sangat dan bersangka buruk terhadap katak itu. Maafkan saya wahai katak. Maybe I should have kissed the frog!

Tinggi imaginasi gitewww~!
Rupa dah sama dah. Haha

Update tentang diri:
- Haven't finished my assignment. 1781 words to go. Wish me luck?
- Super happy the Blackberry has reached the owner. (Thanx to K. Nina's family)

.:ilyanafauzy signing off at 0112:.


roy1234 said...

takpe I pun ada lagi 2500 words eseimen due this Monday. haha by the way how on earth did that frog got there?

nurfarah nadiah said...

pandai la you emphasize kekecilan katak tu.. kalau i... i tak reti! buahbuahbuah~

and i shoot said...

obses ngn i..

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