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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Clumsiness led to frustration.

Struggling... Struggling... Struggling. And YAY! A video is made within 5 hours. And before that, I was planning on what to do for my Microteaching Presentation. After getting the suggestion from FiZi, to make a feart-shaped origami, I was thinking of ways how to make it more creative and engaging for the learners. And I came up with this video. Well, it's not much since I only took a few hours to do it but this is what happens when you take your work to the eleventh hour.

Normally, my classmates created power point presentations but I decided to make this video since PP usually takes a lot more of my time and also, since my presentation is the last for this semester, I wanted to do something different. 

Butttt. During the presentation, I did not know what went wrong with the sound system and yes, the whole class watched without any sound. I was totally frustrated throughout the presentation but I don't know who's at fault. Not that I was trying to blame anyone but I just couldn't see what went wrong back then!

My frustration turned into anger and disappointment and sadness and I don't know what else to describe it when.... The moment I sat at my seat, I saw my volume is muted. MUTED. YES. MUTED. Oh My God...

Balik tu menangis. Entah apa-apa lah kan... Why am I so clumsy?

Worth watching and lupakan assignment sebentar. Heee.

- Submissions for next week:
  • A 3000-word essay. (Monday)
  • A 1500-word essay. (Thursday)
  • A 1000-word reflection. (Wednesday)
  • A poster.
-Can I make it on time? InsyaAllah... Positif sudaaa.
- I need to sleep! Tak tidur lagi nieh.
-Oh, saya mengidam nasi lemak. Saya sanggup beli AUD5. Masakkan. Please? :~(

.:ilyanafauzy signing off at 10.39am:.

1 comment:

mira arifin said...

don't be sad since you had done a great job...everyone got a "heart"...i could say it was an interesting idea to do micro teaching slides by using a video...*thumbs up!:)

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