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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hello family!

After not calling home for more than 2 weeks, (excluding Skype calls)... I received 4 wonderful news from abah.

1. Elli just placed herself in Institut Perguruan Bahasa Antarabangsa (IPBA) for her TESL course (macam saya!) Thank you everyone for making this possible. Elli, I love you :~))) (If you read this, takyah nak perasan sangat okayh!)
2. Ilya is at home in Shah Alam! Weee. Orang Ireland balik tanah air!
3. Abah's CML contract with someone is at the final stage of being approved.
4. Zuhairy has owned a car.

Bb and Zayyani...? Well, am sure they're up to something. However...

...abah said that he's sleepy and want to get some sleep. So, tak mau lah tanya lebih-lebih. He needs to get some rest. Oops! Sorry abah for disturbing your sleeping process. Heee. And Ilya is downstairs washing the dishes. Oh! Having Ilya at home means having someone to regularly cook the meals for the family. Unlike when I'm back home dulu. Haha. Sorry dear family.

Dari semakin hilang semangat menuntut ilmu di negara orang...

...terus menjadi gigih belajar pabila mendengar berita gembira!


Owh yess. And thanx FiZi for the suggestions on what I should do for my microteaching. Although you didn't really know the context and have no idea of what this is... You came up with some brilliant ideas. Thank you.

- And... Back to the assignments!

.:ilyanafauzy signing off at 0355pm:.

1 comment:

antara said...

hahaha. good for u . ^^

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