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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My feelings, mine to feel.

When I'm happy...

I'll say it out loud.

You don't have to feel like I'm mocking your sadness.

Borrowed Farah's Bowie

When I'm sad...

I'll try my best to hide it with a long-lasting smile...

A fake smile made after 4 nights in a row of crying,
 approaching Mother's Day. I miss her.
(Thank you Ain Julia for the picture.)

You don't have to bring yourself down just to say... "I feel you."

I'll get a lot more irritated.

Your feelings is yours and my feelings is mine.

(Selalu teringat ayat Mr. Teoh, my grammar lecturer during my foundation years. He said "feelings" cannot be plural although there's an S there although I still feel like I should be using "are" instead of "is". Hurmmm)

Quick update:
- Assignment.
- I just figured out I'll fail this semester. Boo me.

.:ilyanafauzy signing off at 02.55pm:.

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