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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Chubby, chubbier, chubbiest...

Woohoo~!! I've gained 11kg since I come to Australia! :~D Heee. Maybe 8. Maybe 5. Some say 2kg only. I also dunno which to trust. Those weighing scales sure know how to lie. What? You think weighing scales are like people ka? Different scale, different reading. Aiyooo.

The eternal debate among the weighing scales.

However... That's not my main concern. I don't care much if I gain weight or lost any. Uh, well, I do care. But not much.

4 days ago, I decided to go for a Free Lunch Buffet for two at The Grace Hotel (Will post bout this later if I've  time). Of course, the previous day I was pening-pening thinking what to wear to the hotel. Casual? Formal? Elegant? Finally, I chose this scarf and this blouse and this pants. I ironed them the night before so that I won't rush the next morning. As usual, when I woke up, I played Mafia Wars on Facebook first and went for a shower 30 minutes before going. 

20 minutes later, I was outta shower and started wearing my blouse... And the scarf. Was still bare underneath. (STOP IMAGINING THINGS!) Then, I took the pants and fitted myself in. Halfway through, it got stuck and I can't pull it any further. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~!!! I can't fit into the pants I brought from Malaysia and it used to not even be sticking itself at all on me!

The struggle.

At that point, I realized something, I don't mind if I stay like this... But if I continue doing so, I may have to spend LOADS OF MONEY to buy new clothes. And in that case, I DO mind! I fear that i won't have enough money till the next allowance.

So, what should I do now?? I WON'T go on diet coz I love food A LOT! And to have plenty of food here, it's a waste not eat. Others in different parts of the world are starving for food and suffer painful deaths cz of not having food... Why should I resist the temptation of eating good food kan? Orang kata, rezeki jangan ditolak, musuh jangan dicari. heee. Any other way? Haihhh~

Aha, maybe I should consider fasting. Dapat pahala, dapat jimat duit, dapat ganti puasa, dapat jaga kesihatan, dapat belajar mengawal nafsu, no need to kalut-kalut ganti puasa last minute and lotsa other benefits gained. Weee~! :~)


kacipcrew said...

lol.. ur picture encourages ppl to imagine things -__-" sexy siot

Ilyana Z Fauzy said...

Hahaha. PiDiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~!!!

Is my drawing THAT good?! :~P

schu said...

i love the ending kak ilyana! teehee

Ilyana Z Fauzy said...

Haha. Kan...! Puasa puasa! :~D

fndrocka said...

Bersenam pun okeh jugak..selain pinggang jd solid mcm kerengga..kesihatan pun mantap

Ilyana Z Fauzy said...

Ala... nk bersenam tu shh. adeihhh

sya mansor said...

i suggest u just keep eating whatever u wanted to eat :p

Ilyana Z Fauzy said...

Definitely the best advice ;~)

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