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Saturday, November 6, 2010

From Australia to ______, with hatred...

Dear readers. This post is another hatred letter. Please ignore if you think I love/like you. ;~)

Here goes nothing...

Dearest _____,

If you say that you don't give a damn bout me, don't bother saying things bout me, don't bother hearing to anything I say, don't bother talking/writing bout me, don't read what I write and don't bother to even THINK of me.  Coz if you do, that means that you DO TAKE NOTE of everything that happens to me (Aloloooo~! Masih ada kemanisan lagi rupanya kamu...) Being friends on Facebook doesn't make us friends...

And truth is, you can't just live independently in that community you're in. Such things don't exist. Once in a while, or at least once, ONCE in your lifetime, you'll have to depend on others for something. Trust me.

Watch what you say. When you really want someone to forgive you, they may forgive but not forget. But when you don't walk your talk, that's just like begging people to hate you and how can I forgive you when you insist on being hated? Mark my words. You're so full of **** the moment you said you don't care bout others. Damn.

Emo lagi. Haha. Sudah lama tidakku membenci manusia. Namun, perasaan itu bangkit kembali pabila ada yang meniup api kemarahanku. Syaitan mesti sedang bersorak keliling aku kan sekarang nieh. Haih. Takpe. Takpe. Nie marah yang ikhlas. Heee. Doa orang yang dizalimi InsyaAllah dimakbulkan. Amin~

 If you're reading this, that means you still DO CARE bout me...
(Awww... That's EFFING sweet!)
Tell me now, are you fond of me? ;~)

  \    /
  O   O
        Halloween Vampire

(Heee. Nak buat muka marah tapi macam bertaring pulak.)


chris federick said...

I'm all around u now shouting.

Ilyana Z Fauzy said...

Eyh? Hahahahahah. BARU FAHAM!!!!!!!!!!! Took bout 3 minutes before I get u. Ceh!

sya mansor said...

semua salah Chris! haha

n Aza, why u're so blurrrrrrr :p
must be the weather eh?

Ilyana Z Fauzy said...

Haha. I dunno. I siap go in front of his room lagi nak dgr dia shouting...

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