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Sunday, October 24, 2010

The blooming love in spring...

Springlove | Syafiq & Syazwani

K. Wani and A. Syafiq's wedding reception here in Sydney. Married in September, they made the effort to held a little Springlove reception here for friends. This most probably will be the only Malay wedding reception I'll experience in Sydney :~) Here are several pictures for you guys. (Sorry for the limited number of pictures. Something went wrong with my camera halfway through.) Didn't even manage to capture a full picture of me, first time wearing a maxi dress too. :~P

The wedding dais: Simple yet lovely.
(Giving me a rough idea of my engagement day nanti ;~))

With the bride and groom :~)
Photo by Imran

With the bride: K. Wani :~)
K. Wani cantik tapi mukaku penyek. Heee...

Cake made by K. Niza. Yummy~

Venuses present :~)

 <3 The lovebirds <3
Photo by Imran

:~) Likeyyy~
Photo by Nana

It's an honour to be invited to the event. Thank you.
May God bless this newlyweds dan mengukuhkan ikatan ini ke akhir hayat. Amin~

/\   /\

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