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Monday, March 7, 2011

Zulhulaimy Fauzy...

(Heh. Sorry terpaksa crop the June babies (Elli and Zayyani)

Zulhulaimy Fauzy and Ilya Fauzy... These two people have something in common. Well, maybe lotsa things in common but the most obvious one is that they share the same birthmonth, besides the more obvious, they're my siblings. Weeee~! :~) Hmmm. Birthmonth... Suka hati wujudkan perkataan baru ganti birthday kan... But the best thing they have in common is... they have ME! Weee~! :~P Heee. Ilya, pasnie, na wat post ttg Ilya pulak okayh! :~)

Heee. I miss you lah brother! :~)
Okay. Okay. Straight to the point. My baby brother... (Baby lagi ke?) He just turned 20 recently (01March2011)! OMG! He's 20 already??! Wuuu. Everyone's growing old so fast laaa nowadays :~( I still see him as a little boy. Can't believe he has left school so long. Anyway, he currently studies in MMU Cyberjaya and is in his holiday mode (JEALOUS OKAYYY). Hope you're having fun with the family. B, if you're reading this, please kiss abah and Elli for me... :~) I miss them banyak banyak.

Kesengalan macam saya. Boooo~!!

His soft side towards animals. Awww~

Bergaya pun seperti saya juga. Weeeeeeeeee~!!!

His friend, Ikhwan Hafidz composed this song and with the help of Izham Sofi and my brother, this simple yet wonderful video is produced. Whenever I feel like crying, I'll replay it over and over again in the silence of the night, when everyone's faraway in their own peaceful dreamland. (Haha. Yeah Wan... You got me crying... ) I'll miss Malaysia very much whenever I hear this one. Maybe coz my brother is in it, playing the violin, or maybe just because of the song and the lyrics and the rhythm...

My violin and his guitar.
Credit to bb for the picture.
Sigh~  Coincidentally, this song is composed for his friend who flew flying off to Aussie too. So, I do sometimes feel that this song is meant for me. Hahaha. (Perasan kannnnn!) I'm really glad that I'm much happier now in Australia compared to the 1st week I came back here. No more nangis nangis everyday. Heh. Only when I look at the family and friends' pictures... I'll miss them terribly.

Na loves you bb :~)


Icarus said...

awwww so sweeeet hahaha ;D

Ilyana Z Fauzy said...

heeeeee :~))) thank u

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