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Friday, March 25, 2011

Uh, tak buat apa-apa?

Situation: Calling up a friend/whoever/loved ones.

You   : Hello. Hi. (I dunno why I tend to say both of them although it means the same.)

N      : Hello.

You   : What are you doing?

N      : Uh... (Pauses) Nothing.

Ever received this answer from anyone you called? Sometimes, rasa sakit hati sikit kan. Macam tak logic je tak buat apa-apa. Pikir nak jawab punya la lama kan.

Okay, this situation normally happens between FiZi and I. (Er... Isn't that obvious?) Because if I call abah, I've never heard him saying he was doing nothing. And among friends, there are always things to do around. 

Anyway, this occurred (again) about 10 minutes ago. I hung up (panas hati punya pasal) after we were on the phone for 46 seconds.  (But he didn't realize it cz I showed no sign of anger while I was still on the phone). Immediately after, I proceeded with my Minesweeper game I paused before calling him. While playing, my mind raced to thinking why he said that he was doing nothing. Uh, that's probably what he really was doing but truth is, I didn't believe him. (I rarely distrust him but in this case, I do. Hee. Sorry :~)) I suspected that he was playing CS or Dota or any sorta game that's available in his Vaio.

My addiction.

I'm not generalizing but I think, a lot of other women out there think that it is illogical to be doing nothing. For example, when I'm being asked what am I doing, I'll at least have an answer. "Just lying down", "Just resting", "Just sitting", "Just thinking..." (Or izzit just me? :~P) Okay. Maybe men consider that as doing nothing but uh... at least, there's an answer instead of "doing nothing".

Um, back to what I was thinking during Minesweeping (Recapping Paragraph 2:  While playing, my mind raced to thinking why he said that he was doing nothing.), hm... Why...? Why... Oh! Maybe the problem is me. Me myself... That's where the problem lies. I used to scold him, saying that he plays games too much. Sorry. I used to ask why was he playing games when he wasn't giving me enough attention. Sorry. I used to blabber about how he should have spent the time on me instead of the games. We used to fight about how games affected our relationship. SORRY! OMG..! Am I THAT annoying or what?! Wuuu. Am very sorry about the past. Er.. Don't worry people. I no longer torture him about him playing games. (Do I sound mature sikit?) Heee I even requested to playing CS together and I hope I will get the chance of killing him. If he kills me first, I'll sulk like hell. Muahahahaaa~!

Okay, so... This means that I've to go easy on him. I've to let him do the things he enjoys doing. Only then, he'll let me know what he is doing exactly. No more "Uh, nothing..." or "Nope, I'm doing nothing...". Takkanlah nak spend 24 hours being with me. If I were in his place pun, I'll get rimas. (Wait, we spend time on each other pun tak sampai 10 minutes a day. Eheh.) Moreover, a marriage would make couples spend more time on each other and at that time, you want to spend 27 hours a day on your spouse also is okay maaa. Heee. So, let me just wait for that kinda life to come to me. It will be a lot more meaningful than now, hopefully 

Talking of this, it reminds me to one of Russell Peter's videos. "Women are always thinking". Hahaha. Sure as hell it makes me laugh. He always does. Thanx Mr. Peter!

Update tentang diri:
- I'm quite sleepy. I need to wake up kinda early tomorrow since I'm involved with a sorta Amazing Race for Malaysian Macquarie students at 9am. Huarrgggghhh! Don't wanna wake up so early laaa.

.:ilyana fauzy signing off at 1.37am:.


nurfarah nadiah said...

i rasa i lelaki la sebab i selalu jawab "tak buat apa2" walaupun maybe i tengah sikat rambut atau maybe tengah main game.
sebab sometimes pada i tak penting pun benda2 tu so cakap je la "tak buat apa2" hehehe :D
jangan fikir banyak2 la budak.

The Tearaway said...

used to watch Russell Peter's vids when i was in Maktab... errrr kinda miss my maktab's life.... -_-'

antara said...

the fact that "tak buat apa2" punya reply tu.. is sbb org tu ready to talk to u. if u call someone then dia cakap aaa, tengah buat ni..itu.. this..that.. it might give u a hint that he/she's kinda busy with a hope you will understand... =D but again, not applicable kat semua orang la.. ^^

Ilyana Z Fauzy said...

Alamak. On second thought, i pun rasa I lelaki lah. I say tak buat apa-apa pun banyak jugak. Ish. Silap post dah nie.

G blk sne! Heee.

Uh, what if I ask after that... "What bout tadi?" And he said tak buat apa-apa jugak? :~P

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