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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Facebook status and shoulder dislocation :~(

I'll just post my Facebook status as a new post here since I've no idea what to write bout at the moment. And will be doing this whenever I dunno what else to post. Eheh. Okay? Okay! :~D Heee (Sendiri tanya, sendiri jawab =_=")

"Wishing u were single again doesn't necessarily mean you don't love your current partner. U just wish to have a time off for a second and get back to being in a relationship. Yes, that same old relationship, that same old lover." -Ilyana Fauzy, 2011.

Poor me...

Oyes...! I can tell you guys bout my dislocated shoulder. Weee..! Okay, last Tuesday, while I was netballing, I overstretched my arms and I walked out of the court... :~( (But hey! No worries! I've dislocated various time previously. So, I know how to push it into its place again :~) )

Alamak. Forgot to put the hair lah.
Macam lelaki berskirt ada jugak.

Anyway, about ten minutes after that, I decided to start playing again. Alhamdulillah, nothing happened till the end of the game. Immediately after that, I intended to go to Mira's house for a swim. I ended up swimming with Iwa at Balaclava Rd. (Eh, azan. Sat. Nak solat. Sat gi sambung...)

(Setelah berapa ketika...)

I should have warned myself to just rest at home.

Okay. I'm back! Hee. Sambung cerita :~) I wanted to at least finish a lap before heading home. Aware of my not-in-a-so-good-condition shoulder, I thought it's best to keep close to the right lane. However, the first attempt failed since halfway through, my shoulder suddenly dislocated itself... again :~( (Okay, tidak ku sangka dalam air pun akan terkeluar itu tulang) Wuuu. Thank God my feet could still reach the bottom of the pool and I forced myself to jump, careful enough not to worsen my left shoulder. Approximately 10 seconds later, my shoulder is back in its position and I paddled towards Iwa. (Tak serik lagi, sambung swimming).

2/3 way through
(Pardon the 'dysfunctioning'. That word doesn't exist.)

We swam for only half an hour. About half past seven we chose to head home since it's Maghrib already. But before that, I really wanted to at least do what I usually do in a pool, to complete just one lap. Just one lap. And again, the same incident occurred. (Oh saya sangat berdosa kerana melewatkan solat). Only this time, it's worse. I was nearing the end of the pool when once again, my shoulder went outta its place. But it's a little more painful than the previous two occurrences. Okay. I tried not to panic because I know it could only make matter worse. I tried my best to swim with my right hand and kicked with my legs. Fortunately, I managed to grab the edge of the pool.  Fuhhhh. If not, Inalillah... Haiyaaa... (Honestly, I did mengucap dua kalimah syahadah when I struggled).

Nice sling eyyy~!
Made it myself using my scarf.
The sling the doctor gave me last year is at Iwa's place.

Update tentang diri:
= I slept for two hours (11pm-1am) just now and now (5.19am) I'm wide awake, waiting for FiZi to stop studying and start skyping :~) which is an hour and a half from now.
= Sad can't reach abah last night. I called twice but he didn't answer. Working, I guess. But now, I can see him online on Skype but if I say hi to him right now, he'll question why am I not sleeping and he'll get angry seeing me with the sling (although it's beautiful).
= I didn't know that I could write this long when initially I only wanted to post about the Facebook status. Haha. Sorry.

.:ilyana fauzy signing off at 6.53am:.


nurfarah nadiah said...


antara said...

u made my face confused... whether to smile ke.. to grin ke.. to smirk ke.. haih.. get well ouh! =)

Ilyana Z Fauzy said...

^___^" (Okay, x comel ada peluh dua bijik)

Heh,. Thank u!

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