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Sunday, March 13, 2011


Back to the 90s.
Muehehe. Ever played this game before? I've known this game since I first tengok my dad's PC in the 90s. My siblings and I tried hard in understanding the game but we gave up after a number of tries... Haha.

I was immersed in my assignments... Lots and lotsa assignments waiting for me to finish them up. Tiba tiba... adalah sorang hamba Allah nie... Having a Window switched to Minesweeper. Woahhh~! That is soooo 90s! But tanak lah bising kan because I also dunno how to play it. As I concentrated on how he played the game... I was getting more into it... And so, I asked him to teach me how to play... It resulted in me getting only passes for both subjects that I delayed (was due more than a week) sending in... just because of this game! Adoiiii! I was addicted to it! (Gila jakun bila 2010 baru tau how to play this!)

While waiting for my last minute Ebay bid pun boleh.... Heee

Feel annoyed gila when the few last ones, I don't manage to win the game, especially when it's just the random one. Like this one...

Haiyaaa. But thank God I won this one. Weeee~!!!

I won!

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