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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Earth Hour and jealousy and... YIKES~!!

Clock shows 8.30pm. This conversation takes place.

Roommate: Aza, do you need the lights?

Me           : Eh, nope. Why?

Roommate: Nah... Just wanna switch it off.

Me           :  (Looks at the lappy's clock)
                   Owh! Earth hour. Starts at 8.30 ey?

Roommate: Yup.

I look somewhat handsome in the dark! Heee

(Then, go tweet tweet on twitter...)

See Ikhwan Hafidz posts this on twitter ""best gila main switch tutup lampu kat youtube ahaha"" and he says that's only for today since it's the Earth Hour day. And so, I go YouTubing and play the switch as well. Hee. Thanx Wan for the info!

When the lights are on...

And when you switch off the lights
by clicking the switch button at the top left corner, next to the title.
(Please click picture above for better view)

So, if you haven't played with the switch, go lah switch it on off on off on off. Once in a year okay! Grab this opportunity. Haha.

Update tentang diri:
- Wuu. Saya takut gelap. But since I'm an environMENTAList, what's wrong with being in the dark for an hour kan? :~)
- Skyping with little sister who just got back from her Eurotrip. Wuuu. JEALOUS LOT LOT ONEEE.!

Little sis and younger sis
with me in between

.:ilyana fauzy signing off at 2050:.

Wait, wait..!

Okay. Something just happened!!! BULU BULUUUUU~!!! RUNNNN~!

Just when I was about to publish this post, something wriggled at the bottom corner of my laptop. OMG OMG OMG. What's that?! I freaked out...! "LIPAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed and shouted at Farah that instance to switch on the lights. (Sorry Farah for ruining your Earth Hour. Wuuu).

Once the room was filled with lights, I said, "There!!! The lipan! Takut Farah...!" Farah rushed over and she said... "Laaaaa. Ingatkan nampak hantu. Ulat bulu rupanya... Our house was attacked by this thing la last year..." Okay. Malu di situ tatau beza ulat bulu dan lipan. Tapi kan, I've seen ulat bulu before and they looked different. Wuuu. Mata saya tabetol ke? Ulat bulu banyak jenis kot. Tapi kan, saya tak pernah tengok lipan. Camna saya tau rupa lipan tu pun saya tatau.

Anyway, let me show you guys that thing. Enjoy the pictures!




Where the so-called lipan meets its tragic end.

The moral of the story, don't come and bother me or else, you'll end up in the bowl. Huahuahua.

Update tentang diri:
- Takut, geli, teringat ular, waaa! Nak nanges :"~(
- That thing reminds me of a snake. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~!!!

(This post mengantoikan diri bahawa laptop saya tidak di switch off power source nya.)

.:ilyana fauzy signing off, again, at 2129:.
(Another minute, the Earth Hour will be over but I ruined it for about 5 minutes. Haih.)


The Tearaway said...

ya Allah,, tue bukan lipan ke??

nurfarah nadiah said...

aza, bila tengok gambar u nampak macam lipan la pulak. tapi apa2 pun nasib baik dia tak gigit punggung u. haa. nasib baik kan?hehehe

Ilyana Fauzy said...

tak tau :~( takut ada lagi tapi tak sedar... klu ulat bulu, nanti gatal gatal gatal gatal gatal gatal. Harap harap x tambah menggatal kalau kena ult bulu. Hee

Ilyana Fauzy said...

eh! kite komen sama waktu la farah! heee. Tu laaa. I thankful gila kot dia x hinggap kat mana mana bahagian tubuhku. yeekkkk :~//// klu kne kat punggung, konfem dia yg keracunan mkn bisul sbb i sllu dok ats bntl. hahaha (euw.)

nur.zulkhiefley said...

tu lipan lah!! besar lak tu! huhuh

antara said...

itu kucing.. kucing jadian..

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